Volleyball Report vs Barker College

Volleyball Report vs Barker College

Trinity defeated Barker College 3-0 (25-15) (25-15) (25-15)

Today marked an important time in the sports calendar at Trinity. Reconciliation Round was in place against Barker College for every sport. On the volleyball courts, the First VI put on their Indigenous jerseys with great excitement. Today was also a day that the First VI played in front of their first home crowd, consisting of middle school students and school officers. Coming away with a win in the first match of the CAS fixtures, in front of a home crowd, was very special for the players, highlighting the potential for victory in the coming games.

The 1sts played well for this match following going down in the first set by many points to Barker. It seemed that our own players were ironically spooked by the noise of our home crowd, as this was the first time the players had heard cheering and clapping mid-rally. The streak of losing points was diminished as David Tsai (12Ho) repetitively smashed the ball on the other side of the court, to which the crowd cheered loudly. As David soaked up the points, some competition formed as Patrick Mansfield (12Ke) performed many well-formed blocks, cutting off hitting lines that the opposition attempted to exploit.

As the Barker opposition threw some tough hits past our blockers, Keshav Baldeo (12He) was waiting. Keshav rushed, dived and leaped to pick up the ball, keeping it in play so our hitters could put on a show for the crowd. One player that put on a show was Tim Braga (11Du), who smashed a ball within the 3-metre line to immediately end the point, securing it for the Trinity side. This hit sent waves throughout the building as the crowd cheered intensely.

To start the CAS fixtures and the second half of the Winter Season with a win puts Trinity in a good position to improve as the season progresses. The First VI played well because of the support from the home crowd as they shared our successes and mistakes. Ultimately, the rest of the season looks tough but bright as the next fixture against St. Aloysius’ will take place at their courts, in front of their crowd, an environment that the 1sts will have to adapt to quickly as St. Aloysius’ will come out fighting.

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