Volleyball Report: Trinity 2nds vs Barker 2nds

Volleyball Report: Trinity 2nds vs Barker 2nds

Set 1: 29-27 Set 2: 25-10 Set 3: 25-10

An absolutely impressive game against Barker on Saturday which saw the 2nds step up and provide a warm-up show to the crowd for the highly anticipated 1st game.

The first set started off and ended roughly with the 2nds needing a set to warm up as we made many errors and foot faults (not naming names but Scott Feng (11Yo)). But despite our shaky start, Ken Takai (11La) and Kyle Tran (11WH) made an absolutely killer combo, sinking points down the middle with some fancy footwork and hard hits, which also brought a needed boost to team morale.

The second set, on the other hand, saw the seconds absolutely dominate and showed the crowd what to look forward to in the next game. Jeremy Chia (12WH) coming late and out of nowhere absolutely dominated the outside with his expertise and left Barker’s defence scrambled. Speaking of leaving the Barker defence confused, Mathew de Belle (12Sc) continued to make it look easy on the hardwood, playing both basketball and volleyball to confuse us and the opponents. He’s essentially become the Michael Jordan of volleyball. Oh and Jonathan Reissis’ (11WJ) serves were all right.

What to say about the third set, other than the setters and the libros tore it up. Oscar Shen (11Yo) and Xavier Hatcher (11Ke) would not let a ball drop on their watch, picking up anything that went their way. It looked like they were flying up and down the court; I swear I saw wings on them. With the ball up in the air it was up to the one, the only, the setters with the most class and style you’ve ever seen. The illustrious Scott Feng (11Yo) and Kyle Tran duo (11WH) just kept putting it up and putting it back down with all the skill of a state setter.

Absolutely impressive performance boys; let’s see what we can do next week.

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