Cross Country Report | Meet 6 – Newington

Cross Country Report | Meet 6 – Newington

It was a busy week for many of our runners! Quite apart from the House Track and Field carnival, there are two significant inter-school events to report on: the sixth invitational carnival at Sydney Park hosted by Newington on Saturday, and the Combined Independent Schools Cross Country Championships on Wednesday.


Sydney Park Invitational

Despite not being marked by as challenging a hill as previous years, the Sydney Park course was as undulating as any and made for a well strung-out race. Moreover, this year featured an adventurous, lilypad-esque series of stepping stones, which posed problems for those who reluctantly decelerate! So various in its terrain was the course that one of our U14 runners, having lost sight of the runner in front of him, ended up following the Google Maps instructions of a passer-by to get back on course!

The team and some outstanding individual places are listed below, but some highlights included Jacob C.’s (7Hi) brilliant race (and best place) to complete our U14s team, Josh R.’s (7La) classically thoughtful and strategic race plan as he came back from sickness, Oliver J.’s (11Ke) improvement in places after commitment to consistent training and Jaden L’s (11Hi) ongoing return to form. The photos below also tell many a story of endurance and excellence!

Our results were as follows:


Team result 2nd (Matthew M., Joshua L., Michael S., Jacob C.)


Team result 5th (Ben M., Jaden L., Ashwin S., Chris Q.)


Team result 5th (James S., Joseph C., Ryan G., Keelan S.)


CIS Cross Country Championships

From the teamwork of Aaryn J. and Maxwell M. in the U12s to the comprehensive victory of our U14s to the near victory of Luca G. to the ongoing rise of James S. in the U17s to the incredible morale and attitude of all of our Year 12s, there are so many stories to tell, and I cannot in a few brief sentences do justice to the effort of our Trinity representatives. It was a beautifully sunny, crisp day out at Eastern Creek raceway, and to have 29 Trinity runners qualify for the CAS team and seven runners qualify for the CIS team was a fine sight and is a great achievement. Well done to all and especially to the following:

Individual qualifiers for NSW All Schools


1st – Matthew M. (9WJ)

2nd – Kobe S. (8YO)

7th – Joshua L. (8TA)


2nd – Luca G. (10ST)

8th – Ben M. (10YO)


5th – Joseph C. (11DU)

10th – James S. (12WJ)


Trinity team victories


Matthew M. (9WJ), Kobe S. (8YO), Joshua L. (8TA), Sam R. (8WJ)


Joseph C. (11DU), James S. (12WJ), Zachary P. (12HO), Ryan G. (11WJ)


Phillip Mugridge | Cross Country Co-ordinator

Aaryn J. and Maxwell M. before their great U12 performances
Ashvin N.
Ashwin S.
Ben M. in the top 10
Chris Q. in his first CIS race
Divesh G.
Jaden L.
Jaemin Y. with a smile for the camera!
Joseph C. up a flight of stairs
Josh R.
Joshua L in pursuit
Kescharan K., Alexander H. and Lucas W.
Sam R. striding out
The start of the U14s race
Regan C.
Ryan G. going strong
Matthew M. skips across the stones
Max B.
Michael C. paces with Jacob C.
Our U18s team rugged up before the start
Otis S.
Oliver W. closely followed by Oscar M.
Kobe S. before a niggle stopped him
Our victorious U17s team before the race
Luca G. on his way to 2nd place
James S., Coach Phil M. and Joseph C.
Zachary P. and James S. keeping pace in their first lap
Jed M. in his first CIS race
Jacob C. flying
Ethan M. striding out

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