Supporting staff to success

Supporting staff to success

When Marian Dunbar pursued a career in teaching mathematics, she knew she would enjoy supporting her students to succeed. At Trinity, she has also enjoyed this type of support between staff, which she says pushes her to constantly improve and reflect on her classroom practice.

Ms Dunbar started teaching in 2008 after following in her mother’s footsteps and retraining to teach Maths. 

“I did Maths tutoring at university and enjoyed that, and I have always liked teaching people how to do things,” Ms Dunbar said.

Trinity is the second school at which Ms Dunbar has worked; she initially applied for the job because she felt that she would enjoy teaching boys.

After starting at Trinity in a teaching role, Ms Dunbar said she was privileged to be trusted with the care of students as a Housemaster and then as an Assistant Head of Maths.

“There have definitely been opportunities to grow in my career at Trinity. There are also so many new things to try each year if you get bored!

“Trinity is busy! There are so many different and interesting people, and I love that through Sport and Cadets I have met a lot of staff and shared their lives. I love sharing the lives of the Students too. Their highs and lows can be hard sometimes, but seeing them grow is such a privilege.”

In particular, Ms Dunbar is grateful for the support of the Maths Department and the way staff work together to achieve the best outcomes for both staff and students. 

“I think I am a much better teacher than when I started, and people keep pushing me to improve my classroom practice and to reflect on what I do all the time. This can be hard, but is good in the long run!” she said.


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