Tennis Round 3 vs Knox

Tennis Round 3 vs Knox

HMB Tennis – Waverley W21/22

It was a successful outing for all Trinity Teams last weekend in their fixture against Waverley College. Our students played well and were able to win all matches contested against their eastern suburb’s opponents. Notwithstanding this Waverley must be commended for their competitiveness and match play in a number of very close matches.

The 1st IV, despite winning 8 sets to love, had to work hard. It wasn’t all one-way traffic as the score line suggests, and 3 tiebreak sets lay testament to the fact. One of the most pleasing aspects of the encounter was the composure exhibited by our boys during key stages of the fixture. The ability to win the more important points kept the score board ticking over and it was the determination and intelligent shot selection along with the “composure” that got us across the board. Angelo Shi (10Sc) was a great exemplar in this regard, winning both his singles tiebreak and his doubles tiebreak, in which he paired with James Kim (11Ar). Another crucial tiebreak was won by Dylan Guler (12WH) and Finn Taylor (10La) in their first set against a tricky Waverley combination. In the singles Dylan monstered his opponent off the court (6-1) with a plethora of huge groundstroke combinations and accurate serving. Finn and James were also decisive on the singles court systematically dismantling their shell-shocked opponents with relative ease. Overall, it was a gutsy team victory that all team members should be proud of.

The 2nd IV not wanting to be left out followed suit with a solid 6 sets to 2 victory on the adjacent courts. Our students were able to win 3 of the 4 doubles sets after one tiebreaker and one very close 7-5 win. This made the run home in the singles much easier with our students needing only 2 sets to take victory. The team did in fact win 3 of the 4 singles matches for a clear triumph. Credit must be extended to Nathan Tsang (9Du) and Alex Gavrilovic (11Yo) who were able to win their second set doubles tiebreaker after conceding the first set to love. Jayden Higgins (11He) and Domenic Furfaro (10Ar) were particularly impressive in their singles where they outplayed their respective opponents by a significant margin.

Jeremy Dykgraaff | MIC Tennis


3rd and 4th IV Match Report

The 3rds began with two tough doubles contests – George Nicholas (11 WJ) and Nick Papadopoulos (12 He) hit some nice shots and chased well but had to be content with second place and a 4-6 result. In the second doubles, Andrew Yang (11 Hi) and Beier Chen (11 Yo) were triumphant, but they were extended to a tie-break. The round was decided in the singles matches, with Nick, Andrew and Beier all registering convincing wins. The final 4-2 set score in favour of Trinity is an accurate reflection of the relative merits of the two teams.

The 4ths were the beneficiaries of three forfeited sets. Adrian Ong (11 St) and Harry Santhiran (11 He) were in a different league to their opponents and conceded no games in winning three sets in a row – one doubles and two singles! Neither player was really able to showcase his skills, but both will be aware that there are tough rounds ahead. Even allowing for the forfeits, winning 36 games to 0 is an amazing result.

Ashley Lucas | Coach


10A Match Report

After driving around the block for parking spots, our 10As came to Waverly with a vengeance. Truthfully, it was easy work for our boys who managed a stunning 6-0 win in sets and a 36-19 win in games. Notably, Kavi Suri (10Yo) put in such a performance that he was disappointed to lose 1 game from his 6-1 victory. The boys have really come into their own and I wish them luck for next week.

Kevin Batliwala | Acting 10A Coach


9A Match Report

It was a short and sweet session of tennis at Cintra this week, with the A’s taking away most wins. Leading the team was Christopher Lowe (9Ho) who dominated in his singles match with a resounding 6-0 victory. He looked comfortable on court, hitting clean shots with precision, and serving well. He followed up in his doubles match with James Davies (9St), taking out their first match this season with a commanding 6-1 score line. James was unable to secure a win in his singles match, going down 6-2. He is encouraged to take more time between points to regroup, particularly after losing out in some of the longer rallies. With greater focus, James will no doubt see those rallies going in his favour. George Stavrakis (9WH) enjoyed a hard-earned win this week, taking out his match 6-4. In what was an entertaining match, George faced the opportunity to serve for the match at 5-3, but lost focus after a valiant comeback from his opponent. He was able to quickly overcome the disappointment to take the next game to deuce and eventually win the match. Some fine tennis on display this week, which helps to build the players’ confidence and self-belief. A thank you to the Waverly coach and team, who were worthy opponents but also excellent sportsmen.

Claudia Tessadri | Coach


8A and B Match Report

In perfect tennis conditions, the 8As and Bs took on Waverly. Trinity’s As were up for the battle and proved their worth to great effect, winning the fixture 6 sets to love and only dropping 5 games out of a possible 36. Notably, Ishaan Sharma (8Ar) put away his opponent in style, cruising to a 6-0 victory. On the other side of town (that being the adjacent courts), the Bs were also able to dismantle their counterparts in a 6-0, 36-10 game win. On this occasion it was Ujwal Yadem (8Fo) who gave us an impressive 6-0 victory. I wish the boys the best of luck for their next fixture.

Kevin Batliwala | Coach


7A and B Report

Being the first time at Waverly’s new courts, year 7 might have found it difficult to get a result in unfamiliar territory. However, the As and Bs played out of their skins to get some sincere bragging rights over their opponents. In the As, Trinity fancied a 4-2 victory in sets and a 31-24 win in games. Today, our man of the match was Marcus Kuit (7Ho) who undoubtedly gave his opponent an upsetting ride home with a 6-0 win.
The Bs were even stronger, winning their fixture 6-0 in sets and 36-12 in games. Everyone should be commended for their efforts however it was Jonathan Nung (7La) who put on a dominating display in a 6-1 victory. I wish all the boys the best in their future games.

Kevin Batliwala | Coach


7C and D Report

In the late moments of Saturday afternoon, the 7Cs and Ds came away with a very successful win at Waverly college. The final scores saw Trinity win 5 sets to 1 and 34 games to 15 – an incredible result. Notably, Athan Fudeh (7Yo) put in the work to demolish his opponent 6-1. The Bs also managed a great result, winning 4-0 in sets and 26-6 in games. However, all three players need to be mentioned in this week, Joshua Quibell (7WJ) and Lachlan Stewart (7Ho) playing the longest set in CAS doubles HISTORY (but ultimately getting a much deserved win in the tiebreak) and Harry Hartzenberg (7Yo) who put his opponent away in style, winning his singles fixture 6-0. I wish all the boys the best of luck for next week!

Kevin Batliwala | Coach

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