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Year 2

What would our world look like if whales walked out of the ocean and into the land? People wouldn’t quite know what to think. Walk of the Whales by Nick Bland is a powerful and thought provoking book about how people are treating the oceans and the impact this is having on the creatures that live there. It is a great read for Year 2 and their Unit of Inquiry about Our personal choices can Impact a sustainable future. Boys began the Library lesson by writing down everything they knew about whales on whiteboards. We shared this information before we read Walk of the Whales. A great discussion about how we need to take care of our oceans was had. A fun book to follow up this story was Whale in the Bath by Kylie Westaway, which is also a PRC challenge book for K-2.


Kindergarten’s Unit of Inquiry, Sharing the Planet is focusing on sustainable use of natural resources. We have been looking at the power of the wind during Library time. We have begun to look at how wind can help with transportation.

The boys began the lesson by drawing sailing boats on whiteboards. Their drawings were completely self directed. It was interesting to see that they all knew that sailing boats needed sails to capture the wind! We looked at how ancient civilizations have used the power of the wind to travel across the seas using boats.

Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Indigenous sailing boats.

We finished by reading a digital book from the online platform EPIC! about a mouse that used the power of the wind to sail a boat through calm and rough seas. Mayday Mouse by Sebastian Braun was a fun and engaging read for Kindergarten.

Mrs Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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