Debating News | FED Grand Final

Debating News | FED Grand Final

J. Chong, M. Licenblat, D. Sealey, Miss G Dao

YEAR 7 FED B – MLC v Trinity

All our hard work, hours of effort, every previous round and what had seemed like endless amounts of training, lead up to this moment. We were in the Grand Final against MLC, a tough team, but nevertheless, it was still possible to win. In the previous rounds we had debated against MLC, unfortunately we had lost, but this time, we thought, would be different; we had trained hard for nearly a term since then, and we had a winning mindset. We thought we could win after a steady winning streak in the finals.

Our team consisted of D. Sealey (7Sc), J. Chong (7Hi), M. Licenblat (7Du) and A. Rabey (7He). The topic of the debate “That all boy schools and all girl schools should have to study literature featuring protagonists of the opposite gender” had a weak case for both sides, and Trinity ended up with the affirmative case. Unfortunately, we had more practice on the negative, and MLC was also strong on the negative.

After a tense, nerve racking debate with strong points and rebuttals being thrown either way, we were up to the adjudication. In the end, MLC took the Year 7 championship away, and left Trinity as runners up. However, this debating season was an amazing experience. A big thank you to our coach, Miss Dao, for her encouragement and support throughout the entire season to guide us into the Grand Final.

J. Chong (7 Hi)

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