Sports News | Preparatory School

Sports News | Preparatory School

Round 3 First XI Football vs. Cranbrook

The review of the most recent game against Cranbrook is as follows:

This week was Round 3 of the competition against a strong side, Cranbrook. The game began fast paced, with both sides sending waves of attacks forward. Throughout the first half, Trinity looked desperate in defence and made some great stops to break up the momentum of Cranbrook. Trinity had some promising attacking plays but were unfortunate not to bag a goal. Cranbook came back in the first half with some great shots that were very hard to save, with Harris being able to get a finger on all of them but not enough to deflect away from the goal. In the second half, Trinity came out a different team, they pressed and worked together to defend and distribute on counter-attacks. Again, Trinity were unfortunate not to execute their final product closer to Cranbrook’s goal but still were relentless in wanting the ball to go forward. Similar to the first half, Cranbrook dished some great shots that only just skimmed past Harris’ fingers. The Trinity boys went down 6-0 but the score does not do justice the effort the boys put in. Lots to work on during training but an attitude shift was noticed this week, showing how much potential this team has for future weeks.

Best & Fairest: Lucas Cheng

Encouragement Award: Harris Yang

Mr Nicholas Azzone | Sports Coach


Football 4 D’s soccer match

On Saturday we played in Bressington park, the opponents were the 4 D’s from Trinity Junior School and we were the 4 D’s from Trinity Prep School. The first goal was kicked by Viraj Bhatia from the Prep school and the score was 1-0. After some time, the ground was sloshy and was very muddy, but the other team managed to score a goal, the score was 1 all. It was a sunny Saturday and we had good fun at the match because we scored, and the other team blocked, and they scored, and our team blocked. At the end we said “GG’’ (Good Game) and we shook hands or elbowed them politely.


Sport Results | Saturday 14th May 2022

Football | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Trinity Cranbrook
Score 0 6
Best and Fairest Lucas Cheng
Encouragement Harris Yang
2nd XI Trinity Cranbrook
Score 0 0
Best and Fairest Elijah Ayad
Encouragement Alexei Fotheringham
3rd XI Trinity Cranbrook
Score 1 0
Best and Fairest Yianni Pahos
Encouragement Lucas Meng
11A Wet Weather
11B Wet Weather
11C Wet Weather
Football | Years 4
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A TGS Prep Cranbrook
Score 3 5
Best and Fairest Valentino Di Maria
Encouragement Jacob Fitzroy
10B TGS Prep Cranbrook
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Samuel Simon
Encouragement Elvis Ye
10C1 TGS Prep Cranbrook
Score 0 3
Best and Fairest Liam Koh
Encouragement Sergio Foo
10C2 TGS Prep Cranbrook
Score 1 1
Best and Fairest Viraj Bhatia
Encouragement Eamon Gu
Rugby | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV Wet Weather
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 1 TGS 2 Linfield 4
Year 6 7s GREEN Game 2 TGS 3 Waverly 8
Encouragement Jacob Smith
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 1 TGS 7 Mosman 4
Year 6 7s WHITE Game 2 TGS St Andrews
Best and Fairest Massimo Di Maria
5A XII Wet Weather
Year 5 7s Game 1 TGS 0 Grammar 6
Year 5 7s Game 2 TGS 0 St Andrews 6
Best and Fairest Arthur Wang
Rugby | Year 4
Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII Wet Weather
Team Trinity Opponent
AFL Wet Weather
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Year 4&5 Pink Wet Weather
Year 4&5 Navy Wet Weather
Year 4&5 Green Wet Weather
Year 4&5 Red Wet Weather
Year 5&6 Pink Wet Weather
Year 5&6 Navy Wet Weather
Year 5&6 Green Wet Weather
Year 5&6 Red Wet Weather

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