News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

A discipline can be defined as something that is both good for us and for others. Waking at 6:30am in readiness for the morning fitness sessions takes discipline; getting up and moving helps to motivate the other boys in the dorm to do the same. The members of the School water polo team who are on the FSP this term, take that particular discipline to another level on Thursday mornings, as they wake extra early and go from room to room encouraging their peers to be ready in the car park at 5:50am to depart for the local pool. In some ways that discipline also extends to Mr Lang and Mrs Cater who are up early on these mornings, turning off the dorm alarms and facilitating this opportunity for the boys to do their pool training and work towards the goals they have for School and representative sport back in Sydney.

We see a lot of collective good coming from the disciplines that are built into the FSP, and we hope that many of these become a part of each young man’s habits and patterns of behaviour in the future. The benefits that are seen in terms of fitness improvements and the associated mind health efforts that support learning, are without a doubt worth the effort that the disciplines demand.

This week we inducted the second group of Field Studies Student Leaders at the Woollamia Campus. Each of the four pastoral groups worked with their tutors to nominate two representatives to take on this formal leadership role for the term. I am pleased to announce that the FSP student leaders for Term 2 2022 are:

  • Cambewarra: Jacob Michail and Matt Barter
  • Booderee: Tom Evans and Samuel Giminez-McAlpine
  • Cullunghutti: Harrison McLean and Orlando Mina
  • Bundarwa: Enrico Ciarroni and Allen Chen

Academic field work continued this week on Thursday afternoon, with the students leaving campus to explore the mangrove boardwalk at Huskisson and learn more about the local area from a geographical and ecological perspective. Place-based learning pedagogy encourages our educators to make the broader community their classroom and unlock countless opportunities for applied learning.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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