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Academic Focus

Academic Excellence Citations and Engagement Citations – Years 11 and 12

Last week, students in Years 11 and 12 received their Semester 1 Learning Progress Reports. This morning on Quad Assembly, the School acknowledged the students from these cohorts who demonstrated outstanding academic achievement or engagement. I am delighted to also publish here the names of these awardees in recognition of commitment to their studies. As I review the data for our Stage 6 students, I am once again impressed by the strong relationship between a student’s deliberate engagement, as represented by the Engagement Point Average, or EPA, and his overall performance, as indicated by his GPA.


Academic Excellence

The first category of Academic Excellence Citation is based upon a student’s Grade Point Average. HSC candidates with a GPA of 13 or greater on the 15-point grade scale have achieved consistently outstanding academic performance. IB Diploma students with a GPA of 6.4 on the 7-point grade scale have achieved similarly robust results.

The second category of Academic Excellence recognises students who substantially improve their personal GPA, from one Semester to the next. (Academic growth awards are not available in Semester 1 to IB Diploma students as they transfer from the NESA A+ to E- scale to the new 1 – 7 IBDP grade scale.)


Engagement Citation

Trinity has defined, and reports feedback on, the behaviours that characterise personal academic success:  self-management, task management, learning focus and persistence. These scores are collated as an Engagement Point Average. Students who score an EPA of 4.8 or greater on the 5-point scale, achieve an Engagement Citation.

Students who improve their EPA, generally by 1.0 points or greater, have demonstrated the ability to receive and act upon feedback and take responsibility for the actions that lead to academic success. These students are acknowledged for courage to change their learning behaviours and the way they interact with learning challenges.

The awardees from Years 11 and 12 for Semester 1 2022 are celebrated here. Each student is congratulated upon a fine achievement.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean

Year 11 Academic Excellence Citation

  • Marc Barakat MU
  • Timothy Chin HI
  • Davide Eboli WH
  • Ryan Gupta WJ
  • Alexander Ko WE
  • Joel Maher TA
  • Will Nice KE
  • Christian Pulley FO
  • Chris Qiu DU
  • Luca Ratnavadivel DU
  • Samuel Rofail YO
  • Theo Salvartsis WH
  • George Sarandos ST
  • Oliver Smith AR
  • Shivam Wadhera KE
  • Zethan Zaiter TA


Year 11 Engagement Citation

  • Miles Angus WH
  • Ryan Gupta WJ
  • Ross Oddie FO
  • Chris Qiu DU
  • Zethan Zaiter TA
  • Benjamin Zarate HE


Year 12 Academic Excellence Citation

  • Emmanuel Abdel-Nour TA
  • Hussein Choker HE
  • Luke de Lisle KE
  • George Dedousis MU
  • John Dedousis MU
  • Hunter Goldsbrough FO
  • Daniel Lu WE
  • Oscar Martin SC
  • Josiah May YO
  • Shaan Mehta TA
  • Edward Newton WJ
  • Max Nguyen YO
  • Nicholas Nguyen AR
  • Jeremy Poe MU
  • Jeremy Pogrebizhsky HO
  • Koda Sleiman TA
  • Andrew Tanous DU
  • David Tsai HO
  • Justin Wang WJ


Year 12 Engagement Citation

  • Jack Bettar ST
  • Jeremy Chia WH
  • George Dedousis MU
  • John Dedousis MU
  • Joseph Lin ST
  • James Mallios HI
  • Marco Nagode WJ
  • Nicholas Nguyen AR
  • Matthew Nicolas KE
  • Evangelos Papadopoulos HI
  • Koda Sleiman TA
  • Mackenzie Stewart MU
  • Andrew Tanous DU
  • Timothy Woodyatt DU
  • Leonard Yoon ST

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