Professional learning contributing to smooth inductions

Professional learning contributing to smooth inductions

Professional Learning at Trinity (PLT) is varied and looks to make sure staff are supported in their roles and encouraged to grow. 

While a typical PLT session works within a disciplined inquiry model to investigate a puzzle of practice, a recent session was designed for staff who are new to Trinity as part of the extended induction and support programme. These ‘New Staff’ sessions focus on introducing staff to, and supporting them in engaging with key practices and processes at Trinity, helping staff to feel comfortable as they find their place in the School community. 

The team in Trinity’s Secondary School has guest speakers at each of their sessions, so that staff have the opportunity to meet key teams and leaders at Trinity and learn more about Trinity’s philosophy of learning, pedagogies, and more. 

Other topics from ‘New Staff’ PLT sessions included Mrs Deborah Williams (Academic Dean) as a guest speaker, leading the team through thinking and reflection about student-centred learning, growth, and student engagement behaviours. 

Another session was held in the Arthur Holt Library with a chance to meet the Library Services team and gain insight into the key role that the Library plays at Trinity as a leader in innovation, collaboration, and co-teaching. 

“A key part of the library’s role is to provoke — provoke curiosity, life-long learning and a love of reading. The New Staff PLT is a chance to introduce colleagues to the physical and philosophical ‘heart of the school’,” says Director of Library Services, Ms Stefanie Gaspari. 

At the end of the session, the staff were gifted – fittingly – with a book as part of the Library’s efforts to promote a reading culture within the School. 

Starting at a new school can be a daunting task for teachers as they navigate culture, tradition, processes, and structures whilst also fostering relationships with students and delivering well-designed teaching and learning experiences. This PLT is Trinity’s way of supporting staff in becoming part of the Trinity teaching and learning community.

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