Prep | Year 3 News

Prep | Year 3 News


In writing this term, the boys have continued with the focus of imaginative writing. We have had some fun with adding adverbs into our sentences. Adverbs are used to describe verbs and give more detail to the boy’s writing. Another skill that the boys have been crafting while writing is “Show don’t Tell”. By using this, we make it easier for the audience to create a picture in their mind.



During Maths this term boys have enjoyed our Data unit. They have been collecting and interpreting sets of data and exploring different ways in which these can be turned into graphs. They have also been able to utilise their knowledge acquired during Sharing the Planet to assist with information during this unit. We will be moving onto Position, Length and Area in the coming weeks.



The new Unit of Inquiry that the boys have been looking into is “Sharing the Planet” This has allowed them to explore some different human impacts on the environment, in particular, deforestation and overfishing. As a grade we were able to enjoy a fantastic excursion to the Royal National Park. This experience was a great chance for the boys to put their knowledge into practice about animal habitats and conservation and also learn about how different animals adapt to their environment.

Christian Studies

During this term, the boys will be investigating the concept of kingship and leadership. The boys began by thinking about what they would do if they were “King for a Day”. This allowed them to reflect on their own choices and how they were self-serving or other person centred. Over the next few weeks, they will explore the lives of three kings – Saul, David and Solomon. They will be looking for similarities and differences and how we too can make the same mistakes. At the end of the term, they will be reflecting on Jesus as the true king. In Chapel, we will be continuing to think about Covenants and how they were fulfilled in the person of Jesus.

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