News from The Arthur Holt Library

News from The Arthur Holt Library

This week in The Arthur Holt Library, we introduced our Year 7s to the full scope of the work that we do (and the services that we provide). The boys have all completed our Wide Reading Programme, so they know how to navigate the collection and borrow books. They also visited us as part of their Orientation Day and learned how to use the spaces and when we are open. This week they visited us to learn how to use the library for research, including the online resources that are available for them to use and the skills that our team of librarians can help them to develop.

These lessons were in collaboration with the Technology and Applied Science Faculty to support the boys through their assessment task. We were able to show them how to use Google search operators to find the exact information that they need. We also stepped them through the resources on the Library —Senior Canvas course and gave them some tips on tracking their sources and taking effective notes.

It’s great to work with the boys at such an early stage so that we can help them establish the kinds of good habits that will ensure their success in the senior years.

“To ask why we need libraries at all, when there is so much information available elsewhere, is about as sensible as asking if roadmaps are necessary now that there are so very many roads.” – Jon Bing

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