Sports News | Preparatory School

Sports News | Preparatory School

Intra-Sport Update from Saturday 30th April

Year 4/5 Pink by Evan Huang

The Pink team tried their best. We improved as the game went on and scored two goals! Overall, we lost to the Green team in the end.

Year 4/5 Green by Curtis Chen

On Saturday we charged through the mud, wind and rain to take the winning 5 to 2. We improved when using our ‘Triangle’ game play. Even the ref slipped over, we had fun!

Year 5/6 Pink and Green by Richard Conomos

On Saturday the Pink and Green team combined forces to make a Purple team! We had fun playing together and listening to the coaches cheer on the sidelines, even though we lost to the Junior School 6/0. We played pretty well and had a few close goals but didn’t quite get there. I think we need to work on goal accuracy.


Saturday Sport Result

Round 1 | 30th April 2022
Football | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st XI Wet Weather
2nd XI Wet Weather
3rd XI Wet Weather
11A Trinity Prep Grammar St Ives
Score 0 2
Best and Fairest Alex Constantinou
11B Trinity Prep Grammar St Ives
Score 0 0
11C Trinity Prep Grammar St Ives
Score 1 3
Best and Fairest Sebastian Nguyen
Football | Years 4
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
10A Wet Weather
10B Wet Weather
10C1 Wet Weather
10C2 Wet Weather
Rugby | Years 5 & 6
Team Trinity Opponent
1st XV Wet Weather
Year 6 7s Wet Weather
5A XII TGS Redfield
Score 5 22
Best and Fairest Matthew Portois
Encouragement Nicholas Khouzame
Year 5 7s Wet Weather
Rugby | Year 4
Team Trinity Opponent
4A XII Trinity Mosman Prep
Score 7 24
Best and Fairest Charlie Steventon
Encouragement Alexander Simon
Year 4 7s Wet Weather
Team Trinity Opponent
AFL Trinity Barker
Score 92 0
Best and Fairest Alex Anastasi
Encouragement Owen Li
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Game 1 Year 4&5 Pink Year 4&5 Green
Score 2 5
Best and Fairest Evan Huang; Curtis Chen
Encouragement Eric Du; Alex Kwon
Game 2 Year 4&5 Navy JS 4/5 Light Blue
Score 0 11
Best and Fairest Alexander Ishak
Encouragement Jerry Jiang
Game 3 Year 4&5 Red JS 4/5 Yellow
Score 5 3
Best and Fairest Jeremiah Lee
Encouragement Henry Zhao
Game 4 Year 5&6 Pink & Green & Navy JS 5/6 Light Blue
Score 0 6
Best and Fairest Richard Conomos, Oliver Cardiff; Aarav Sharma
Encouragement Hugo Wilson; Louis Bi
Game 5 Year 5&6 Red JS 5/6 Yellow
Score 4 4
Best and Fairest Owen Callaghan
Encouragement Sethum Udagama


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