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Library News | Junior School

On our return to school last week, the Library lessons in K-3 focused on remembering ANZAC Day. All students in the Junior School attended an ANZAC Day service in the School Gymnasium, where we were reminded of how so many of the soldiers were brave and looked out for each other, as they defended our country. It was great to be able to follow up on the ideas of bravery and mateship in our Library lessons.

The Year 3 students explored how Indigenous Australians were not allowed to vote during the first part of the 20th Century, but were allowed to sign up as soldiers and defend our country. The students participated in a Thinking Routine called ‘Chalk Talk’ as they looked at the four panels from the artwork ‘Coloured Diggers’ that can be found at the Australian War Memorial. The boys were asked to write comments or ask questions in response to each panel of the artwork. We then looked at what the artist was trying to say through each of these images.

More information can be found at the Australian War Memorial website

We have a great range of picture books that help our students to understand the importance of remembering ANZAC Day. Some of the books that were used in last week’s Library lessons were: Meet the ANZACS by Claire Saxby; Dreaming Soldiers by Catherine Bauer; This Old Thing by Cassandra Webb; and Alfred’s War by Rachel Bin Saalleh.

With Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, we also have a number of fun picture books about our great mums that the boys might like to borrow. Some of these include:

Happy borrowing and I hope Mother’s Day is a lovely time with your family this Sunday.

Mrs Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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