TGSACU – ANZAC Day Commemoration Services 2022

TGSACU – ANZAC Day Commemoration Services 2022

The Cadet Unit was in big demand to assist in the community as ANZAC Day commemorations returned to pre -COVID levels. In total the Catafalque Party was installed eight times as our senior cadets responded to the call. Precision drill fascinates the community and our cadets, looking sharp in full ceremonial dress, enhanced the reputation of the TGSACU.

The 28 cadets involved from both Trinity and Meriden initially spent the last Friday afternoon of the holidays rehearsing on the Quad with flags, weapons and ceremonial drill to ensure that the standards expected from past and current service personnel would be as expected. It was also a great opportunity for the Year 12 cadets to spend time together and apply the experience of five years in the Unit to pass on customs and traditions to the younger members in the Unit.

The first call was the West Harbour Rugby game at Drummoyne Oval with a Catafalque Party and flag bearers on ANZAC Saturday. Special thanks to Mr White for supporting this relatively new ANZAC event.

On ANZAC Day we supplied three simultaneous Catafalque Parties, flag bearers and Honour Guards, allowing all 25 cadets to serve the community. This depth of talent allowed all venues to be represented with competent cadets capable of fulfilling the intricate moves needed at an ANZAC commemoration.

The Balmain Service in Loyalty Square was well supported by the local community with an appreciative audience enjoying a brisk dawn morning. The Drummoyne RSL Dawn Service has been supported by Trinity for 39 years and the former Commanding Officer of the TGSACU, COL(AAC) Peter Christie manages the Drummoyne Service. The Unit also holds eight flags in storage for Drummoyne RSL which are proudly paraded by our Flag Party at Drummoyne.

The Burwood Dawn service in Burwood Park always draws a large crowd and this year saw another flawless display from the Catafalque Party. All community ANZAC Day services are conducted without weapons.

On Wednesday, the School ANZAC commemorations were held. The Senior School had the traditional Quad commemoration, followed by the Junior School, on to Meriden for an indoor ceremony for the whole Meriden Senior school and then onto Trinity Prep. For the internal services, cadets carried innocuous rifles and wore polyester parade uniforms, adding a sharpness to the proceedings.

A special thanks to the staff assisting with the ceremonies: our Officer Commanding LT(AAC) Draysey assisting with the Drummoyne Rugby, Ashfield RSL gathering, Balmain and School services. LT(AAC) Brennan from Meriden was on hand to support Drummoyne Rugby and the Drummoyne RSL, along with MAJ(AAC) Barden, and MAJ(AAC) Poirier and LT(AAC) Chu supporting Burwood.

The Regimental Sergeant Major, Curtis Sioulas (12La) was outstanding with his leadership, commands and training and his presence on Parade.  SUO Eric Mihas (12La), Cadet Executive members CUO Rory Briscoe (12Du), CUO Nicholas Field (12Yo) and CUO Oliver Walker (12Fo), Company Commanders CUO Harrison Evans (12La) and CUO Jay Campbell (12Sc) supported services and carried flags when required.

Cadets representing TGSACU: Luca Gillard (10St), Kelvin Kong (11Ar), Luke Raptis (10Ta), James Robertson (11Du), Aman Shaw (11Ar), Jonathan Su (10Mu) and 12 Meriden Cadets.

After a disrupted training programme for the past two years it was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of these 28 cadets embracing the ANZAC Day traditions and working as one unit with equal representation of both Trinity and Meriden cadets.

MAJ(AAC) Guy Dennis | TGSACU

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