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Growing assessment capable learners 

At Trinity Preparatory School our focus is on the growth of the learner. The language we use every day is centred around the boys being able to articulate their next steps in learning. This aligns with the PYP framework that identifies the importance of students actively engaging in reflecting on their learning and acting on feedback. Some of the protocols and systems we have in place to support the boys in this growth are:

Continuous reporting 

This form of feedback takes place across the term. You can expect to see feedback from class teachers and specialist teachers in the form of work samples and either a rubric or checklist. In K-2 this is located on Seesaw and in Years 3-6 this is located on Canvas. We expect the boys to be able to share their feedback with you as part of their home learning for the week. In Years 3-6 you will find a sticker in the Record Book for you to sign to acknowledge that a piece of feedback has been uploaded to Canvas. In K-2 you will receive a notification on Seesaw. The Term 2 assessment overview can be found at this link for your reference.

Three-way conferences 

In Term 1 and Term 3 the class teacher, parents and boys meet to discuss learning goals and celebrate successes. Part of this conversation uses MAP data to prompt discussion around how your son is growing. In addition to this class teachers use this data to help plan learning experiences and inform practice. The three-way conference provides a space for the class teacher, parents and boys to be on the same page about future learning goals.

Semester Reports 

The semesterly report is received at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 and provides parents with a summary of the student’s learning across all areas of the curriculum. You can expect a general comment from the class teachers, your son’s self- reflection, specific feedback on year level outcomes, and specific feedback on the PYP approaches to learning. The semesterly report is a formal written summary of how your son is progressing. However, as we value the voice of the learner, it is his reflective comments that make this report an integral documentation in his learning journey.

Ongoing assessment 

In addition to these forms of assessment feedback our teachers are constantly engaging students in ongoing formative assessment to support their learning. This support may be in the form of verbal feedback, written comments, self-assessment checklists or peer-assessment checklists. If your son is uncertain about how their learning is progressing, we encourage them to ask their teacher and seek feedback.

Jessica Ford | Head of Academic Care | STEAM Teacher

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