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On the 25th of April each year we commemorate the ANZACs and the sacrifices they made for us. A great way to unpack these themes is through picture books and luckily for us, there are plenty of amazing picture books in the Library. There is currently a display of all of these books in the Library and boys are encouraged to borrow and read with their families.

Drawing competition

At the end of last term, we asked students to begin thinking about how they could redesign the posters we use in the Library to show what genre lives in each area. So far, we have only had a few responses, but the ones we do have are incredible! This competition is open until the end of May, so there is still plenty of time for students to get involved.

Requirements for the poster

  • Choose one genre.
  • On a white A4 sheet of paper, draw out a poster that will help other students know which books are kept nearby.
  • Your poster must include the name of the genre and an image to represent that genre.
  • Once complete, go over the lines on your poster in a black marker to make them easier to see from a distance in the Library.

Students are welcome to use any medium they like with their creation.


PK Mother’s Day

On Friday 6th of May, the Pre-Kindergarten community is welcoming mothers in to celebrate Mother’s Day. We have been feeling quite disconnected from the parent community with the limited access parents have had to the Library. Luckily the restrictions have been easing and we can now welcome the PK families next Friday.

As part of the afternoon, time will be allocated for you to join us in the space. This is a great opportunity for us to meet you, set up a parent borrowing account and allow time for you to borrow books with your son. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you next Friday.



The Scholastic Book Club Issue 3 is now out and available for parents and students to purchase their favourite books. Log on and order now. Orders close on 16 May 2022. During Terms 2 and 4 your son will be given a Scholastic Book Club catalogue. The Term 2 Book Club catalogue was handed out this week, and orders may be placed online using the LOOP system. Orders must be placed by Monday 16th May and will be delivered to the School and handed out to your son in class.

Browse the catalogue here: Scholastic Book Club Issue 3

Place your order here: BookClub ordering for parents

Student Book Review

Book Review by Joseph Obaid 4P – Funny Kid Kicks Butt by Matt Stanton

Funny Kid Kicks Butt is a hilariously funny book about one kid trying to be famous while juggling everything else like auditions, detective work, real superheroes and more! This book finally has an awesome twist finishing it awesomely!

Abigail Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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