Trinity staff level-up their educational leadership

Trinity staff level-up their educational leadership

11 teachers from Trinity Grammar School, alongside a cohort from Meriden, are undertaking a Masters of Leadership and Management in Education with the University of Newcastle as they look to further their leadership skills and apply new knowledge in their daily contexts.   

Delivered by the University of Newcastle, The Master of Leadership and Management in Education is in high demand. The course supports education leadership at all levels, allowing teachers to expand their skills and further their knowledge, pursuing core and elective subjects that apply to the context of their leadership. 

During 2021, nine teachers from Trinity began the course and this year, two more have joined the cohort. Alongside our own teachers, ten from Meriden are also studying this course. 

The course is delivered with both face-to-face and remote course delivery, and teachers are completing the course over a two, three or four-year time period, meaning that the pursuit is flexible for anyone who would like to study alongside their work at School. 

Most of the current participants from Trinity already hold leadership positions within the School across each of the campuses. They are able to apply course content and their project work in practice each day through their leadership roles, engaging with research and practically applying research in the educational context by solving authentic problems in educational leadership and management. 

Often, working on a Master’s degree can be a lonely experience, with high drop-out rates. However, as Trinity teachers dig into this course, they can actively apply what they’ve learnt and get regular feedback from their peers – both in and out of the course. The support teachers get from each other seems to bolster their resolve and it helps them to see the course through. 

Additionally, throughout the year, the University tailors several face-to-face workshops to support the participants and during term time, teachers meet weekly to discuss what they have learnt, or their current assignments. 

For any teachers who are interested in this course, you can find out further information by speaking to Deb de Ridder or any of the teachers who are already enrolled in this course. Alternatively, you can visit the University of Newcastle’s course page

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