Music News | Preparatory School

Music News | Preparatory School

Music Co-curricular Updates for Week 1 Term 2

Rehearsals will commence on Wednesday 27th April as per the usual rehearsal schedule. That means Chapel Band and all the usual String Ensembles will rehearse that afternoon. Please have your equipment with you as you prepare for the Strings Soiree Concert in Week 4 Monday 16th May.

Trinity Singers will be performing I Have A Dream and The National Anthem (2 verses) at the Anzac Day Service at school on Wednesday 27th April commencing at 11:30am.  The rehearsal time before the ceremony will be confirmed in the morning notices that day.


Year 4 Band/Sightreading and Year 1 & 2 String Programmes

The above programmes will commence in Week One as per usual so please ensure the students have their instruments with them. Strings Programmes on Wednesday 27th April and Friday 29th April for Year 4 Band and Strings sight-reading class.


Chapel Band

Well done to Chapel Band who played for the first time in 2022 at Chapel yesterday.


Happy Easter

Thanks to all students and Instrumental Music staff for a great start to 2022.  It has been so heartening to hear the sounds of music once again emanating from the Music Studios and Mozart and Beethoven Rooms. There are plenty of performing opportunities coming up in Term 2 with the Strings Soiree, Studio Concerts and Gala Concert. The Music Department wishes every family a Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing everyone in Term 2.

Mrs Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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