Prep | Year 3 News

Prep | Year 3 News


Yesterday we wrapped up our unit ‘How we Organise Ourselves’ by organising a morning of activities for Year 1. Boys had been busy planning every step of the process in order for the event to be successful. Some of the activities included: origami, soccer, drawing, basketball, chess, and even a treasure hunt. Our Year 3 boys worked in teams to gather resources, email teachers, discuss how the activity will run, and put their plans in place. It was great to see our Year 3 boys taking their time to explain the activity to their Year 1 group and working together to ensure everyone had fun.

For the rest of the term we will engage with our new Unit of Inquiry (UOI): Sharing The Planet. We will be inquiring into:

Central Idea: Human behaviour can influence the survival of species

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Living things (form)
  • Interdependence of ecosystems (connection)
  • Human impact on living things (change)

The words in brackets indicate the broader concept we will be considering during our learning. Consider it as a type of ‘lens’ through which we will explore these issues.



As we continue our journey into imaginative writing. The grade has explored how to sequence a narrative using the terms orientation, complication and resolution. Can your son explain to you what each section means and what is included? Are they able to describe a character or setting using the 5 senses?

As part of our ongoing reflection into our English skills, many students have identified that they would like to be more balanced in their borrowing and reading choices. Please talk with your son about what types of books he enjoys (fiction, non fiction, genres etc) and how he can be balanced in his reading.



As we come to the end of Term 1, we are finishing up with Addition & Subtraction. Boys have now learnt a wide range of strategies to help them solve maths problems. As well as all the newly learnt strategies, there has been a large focus on mathematical reasoning. This is important as students need to know how they arrived at the answer and why their answer is correct.

Next term we will begin with an inquiry into data. Students will investigate how to interpret, gather and display various types of data.



In Year 3 music, we have been focusing on the collaborative unit of “How We Organise Ourselves” by looking at a Japanese Frog song ‘Kaeru No Uta’ as well as the role of music in celebration in an Easter song called “Five Brown Eggs.” We have sung through both of these songs with the words, the pitch letter names and the solfa (whilst doing the appropriate matching actions). We have then transferred all these ideas and added them onto the xylophone where we all played as a large class ensemble, as well as small ensemble groups and solos (chosen by the teacher). We then extended ourselves further, by singing and playing through two parts (soprano and alto) of ‘Five Brown Eggs’. We have been exploring rhythm and movement, through reading time names and the class working out appropriate dance actions to understand the different rhythmic patterns, values and lengths. When starting ‘Five Brown Eggs,’ we also focussed on some writing and literacy skills through COMPASS points (Excited, Worrisome, Need to know, Stance/ suggestion moving forward), as well as addressing two questions about why we are learning this particular song, as well as what role music plays in celebration. These responses are asked to be written in full sentences, with some sentence starters provided. Overall, Year 3 has really embraced music this year and have extended their musical knowledge, performance skills and written work.



In Mandarin lessons the boys have revised common Chinese greetings and been introduced to the language patterns of the classroom commands through in-class interactive activities. They are also equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to organise themselves to be principled independent learners using Canvas, Seesaw, Quizlet and Education Perfect with a growth mindset. These online learning tools have helped to support them to become flexible thinkers in using resources to master effective strategies and find possible solutions.

These few weeks we embarked on our inquiry journey with UOI “Sharing the Planet” by researching into animals and established cultural links with Chinese zodiac signs.


Christian Studies

Over the last few weeks in Chapel, the boys have been exploring the Biblical concept of “covenant” or in other words, “agreement or promise”. They have been reminded that there are many examples where God has made a gracious covenant with his people, and yet they broke the covenant. With Easter approaching, we have a wonderful example of God’s plan of salvation through His son Jesus. In week 10, we are privileged to have the visit of “Quiz Worx” – a biblical puppet / interactive show explaining the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This week, the boys are experiencing a visit from the Years 10 to 12 Summer Hill group “Berea”. Berea is a Christian leadership group that helps the students equip and share the good news of Jesus. These older students will be teaching every Christian Studies class this week, visiting CIA (Christians in Action) groups and running Chapel. There are very few opportunities for our boys to share in high school events and this mission will serve as a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and share in the wonders of Easter.


Visual Arts

This term in Visual Arts the Year 3 boys have been working on a subject specific inquiry exploring the central idea ‘Art can reflect values, belief and traditions,’ with a focus on the weaving practices of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers. The boys have used their creative thinking skills to design a woven animal sculpture. Their sculptures are now well under way, beginning with form and a wire armature, most boys have now shifted their focus to colour and pattern with the addition of wool, raffia and string. Each week the boys have been solving problems as they work and challenging themselves to develop their sculpture. We look forward to sharing the finished artworks with you!

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