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Library News | Junior School

Overdue loans

As we approach the end of Term 1, it is time for the boys to return any books they have on loan that are overdue or are due back before the end of term. This week we have handed reminder notices to any students who have books that are overdue or due before the end of term. Provided the boys return these books to the Junior School Library before the end of Term 1, they will not be charged.

If the books are not returned before the end of Term 1, the books will be marked as lost on our system and your son’s school account will be charged the replacement amount as indicated on the reminder notice.

We know books often turn up after a bit of a search during the holidays, so if the books are consequently returned to the Library next term, we will issue a refund on your account.

For any queries or concerns, please email us and we will be happy to help.


Holiday loans

We encourage boys to borrow books over the upcoming holidays, as it is the perfect time to indulge in some reading for pleasure – especially if this spate of wet weather continues! Please encourage your son/s to visit the Library before school, at lunchtime or after school next week to borrow some holiday reading material. As always, the Library staff are all more than happy to help with book suggestions or recommendations that suit your son’s interests and reading ability.

If you fancy indulging in some reading yourself over the holidays, why not request your son borrow some books from our parent/staff collection on your behalf? Again, we are more than happy to suggest some titles that might be enjoyable, and we have lots of lovely new books in this part of the collection that may be of interest.

Miss Gratton | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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