Junior School ISDA Debating

Junior School ISDA Debating

Tonight will mark the final round of the ISDA competition and I want to express how immensely proud I am of our ISDA Team. Each week on Friday afternoons, our debaters are given just one hour to prepare their case for the debate under the guidance of a coach. So far, our boys have performed exceptionally well winning six of their debates across the seven rounds, qualifying them for the final rounds.

Congratulate Maxwell Leung, Eamon Turner, Nathan Jones, Owen Li and Roman Urbano for all their effort and hard work this season so far. With every debate I have seen them learn and develop their skills, speaking with confidence, enthusiasm, and passion throughout all their debates. It has been a privilege to work, learn and grow with these boys and I could not be prouder of them all! Also, a big thank you to Christian Becvarovski for his support of the boys throughout the competition.

Wishing our team the best of luck for their debate tonight against Newington and as they move into the final rounds.

Jessica Taylor

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