Football News | Week 9

Football News | Week 9


Welcome to the 2022 winter season of the world game. At recess and lunch, TGS No. 2 is a sea of students playing Football and or shooting at goal and it is great to see 527 students sign up for Football in Year 7-12.


Winter Football Trials

Year 7-12 Football students have participated in Football trials over the last three weeks. The trials have been made up of general physical preparation exercises, testing, fundamental skill revision and small/large sided games.


Coaching Staff

We welcome to the full time staff Mr. John Gibson, who is our newly-appointed Football Operations Manager. Mr. Gibson played 328 National Soccer League games (which for the younger folk reading this report was the A-League pre-2005), went to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and in recent times was at Perth Glory during the Kenny Lowe era where he was the National Youth League Coach, NPL 1st Grade Coach and Assistant Coach with the A-League squad. Mr. Gibson has been involved with the Year 8-9 age group in recent years and this year will be coaching the 1st XI.



Last weekend, Years 8 to 9 had internal trials whilst the ‘A’ teams and 1st XI were involved in the ‘Blitz’. The Blitz was designed for CAS selectors to see all teams in preparation for selecting in early Term II an Opens and U16 CAS team. The Blitz is also a great way for Year 7 boys to be introduced to CAS Football and for boys to experience a gala day concept of Football. Four games are played with each game being two halves of 15 minutes. Trinity played against all CAS schools except for Barker, who Trinity compete against in CAS Round 1 next term. Below are reports from students on their experiences at the Blitz.


CAS Blitz – 1st XI

The 1st XI came together to play their first pre-season tournament of the 2022 season, the CAS Blitz gala day. The 1st XI played well throughout the tournament, seeing two wins and two losses. Our first game against Cranbrook saw a 1-0 win for Trinity with a great goal from Spyridon Konidaris (12Sc) after a brilliant through ball by Isaac Cunningham (12He) which was weighted perfectly into the path of Spyridon’s forward run. The 1st XI held possession and controlled the game, seeing a comfortable 1-0 win. Our second game of the Blitz saw a change in fortune with a 2-1 loss to St Aloysius’. Unfortunately, the opposition were able to get enough chances to score two goals whereas we were only able to create one big chance which fell in the path of Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar), who slotted the ball into the bottom corner elegantly. After a 45-minute break, the 1st XI played a third game against Knox, a team who have been commonly extremely difficult to face in many sports. It was an extremely difficult game, although a brilliant goal headed from Christian Falato (11Sc) saw the 1st XI secure our second win of the tournament. Our final game of the Blitz was against Waverley, a team who were undefeated throughout the tournament, and their run of wins continued against us as we lost our game 1-0 in an intense battle. Overall, it was great day for the boys and prepares us well for the upcoming CAS season with our sights set on St Patrick’s College this Saturday.

Patrick Williams (12La)


CAS Blitz – 10A

Round 1 Cranbrook – The 10A football squad started off slowly but soon turned the match around with fast attacking play. After the halftime break Oscar Fryer (11Ta) scored the winner with a solo goal. The player of the match was Elliot Sellers (10St) who ran the midfield by displaying excellent defensive and attacking skill. Oscar Fryer and Euan Potter (10Fo) ran the attack, and George Kotronakis (10He) captained the defence in keeping a clean sheet.

Round 2 St Aloysius – The 10As started off strongly by keeping the bulk of possession. The defence was strong and showed no signs of conceding. Eventually, after multiple attacks, Reece Mihas (10La) broke the St Aloysius’ defensive line and tucked home the only goal of the game. The man of the match was George Kotronakis who led the defence and yet again kept a clean sheet. Jeremy Frecker (10La) played amongst the defence and showed great strength and determination to win the ball.

Round 3 Knox – The 10A team kicked off the game in sloppy fashion, conceding two goals in the first half. The game finally ended 0-4 and was a great learning experience for the 10As. The 10As were missing key players such as George Kotronakis and Cristiano Savocca (10Ta). The player of the match was Jeremy Frecker who displayed great strength, defensive skill and a positive mindset.

Round 4 Waverley – Forfeit

Reece Mihas (10La)


CAS Blitz – 9A

The 9A Blitz was washed out.


CAS Blitz – 8A

The 8A Football team had a mighty strong effort in the Blitz. The depleted side tried its hardest throughout the whole day. The first game was against Cranbrook and the 8As had a lot of 1-on-1 chances but sadly could not convert and it resulted in a 2-0 loss. The second game was against St Aloysius’. The team put in a valiant effort against St Aloysius’ and caused mayhem to their back four, where we ended up going 1-0 up. Sadly, we conceded a last-minute goal to tie 1-1. The third game was against a strong Knox side. The 8As gained some of their troops back and were fired up to get a result. We went 2-0 down to start off the game even though we hit the woodwork twice. Since we created a lot of chances, we still had belief that we could win. We ended up scoring two back-to-back goals. At the very end of the game, we conceded a penalty and ended up losing 3-2. The fourth and final game was against a strong Waverley side. We ended up losing 2-0, but it was a good game from the 8As as they showed a lot of courage. In conclusion, the 8As can take a lot of positives from this day and hopefully continue the form into the season.

Joshua Argyrou (8Fo)


CAS Blitz – 7A

The 7As started our day of Football together with a wonderful first game full of high-pressure play and teamwork, ending in an unfortunate loss 2-3 against Cranbrook. The game was full of explosive intensity from our midfield and forwards, pushing through even the slightest of gaps in Cranbrook’s defence. We had a convincing second game, with a 5-0 win against St Aloysius’, where beautiful teamwork, great passing and non-stop attack left St Aloysius’ completely on the back foot. The third game against Knox unfortunately ended in a 0-0 draw after some thrilling fast ball play from all the players. In our fourth and final game, we faced Waverley and after an impressive last display of play, we lost 1-3. I commend all the boys who played on Saturday; you all did a great job and we look forward to where this team will be heading in the future.

Eddie Huynh (7Ke)


Independent Schools Cup Round 1 Match Vs Tyndale Christian School

On Thursday, March 3, Trinity’s 1st XI participated in the first round of the Independent Schools Cup, where they played against Tyndale Christian College. Given that this game was played at the beginning of the winter season, it was the first opportunity for the new 1st XI squad to play together. Regardless of being a new team, the 1st XI had a collective focus on winning the game whilst also having fun in doing so. Trinity started the game on the front foot, with Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) scoring the first goal of the match in the 13th minute. Trinity then upheld this momentum with James Andrianakos (12Ar) scoring a header from a corner, taken nicely by Jonathan Gremos (12Fo) in the 20th minute. Almost exactly two minutes later, Sebastien Portolesi (12Ar) set off down the field, beating four players and nutmegging one, to score the third goal of the game, subsequently bringing Trinity to a 3-0 lead at halftime. Trinity came into the second half still firing, with Max-Wende Dunstan (11Du) scoring another goal, nicely assisted by Thomas Guirguis (12Ar). Liam Rippon (11La), seemingly thirsty to get on the score sheet, also scored two back-to-back goals, one in the 39th minute with a penalty and the other ten minutes later with a nice left-footed finish in the box, bringing Trinity to a 6-0 lead. Despite the lead, Tyndale still demonstrated perseverance and managed to score a goal, hence making the score 6-1. Likewise, Trinity also played to the very end, with Louis Agosti (12Yo) beating the opposing defence to score the seventh and final goal of the game, finishing the game off with a 7-1 victory to Trinity. Overall, it was an enjoyable game where many boys were able to put their talent on display. Hopefully, the team can carry on this momentum into the second round of the Independent Schools Cup and begin to develop a winning streak.

Dom Ticic (12Sc)




Oscar Fryer (i) – 10A   Harrison Broderick (ii) – 7A   Liam Rippon (ii) – 1st XI
  Hugo Walker (ii) – 7A   Elliot Sellers (ii) – 10A  
    George Kotronakis (ii) – 10A    
James Andrews (iv) – 1st XI


Daniel Sealey (vii) – 7A   Dominic Ticic (vii) – 1st XI Spyridon Konidaris (i) – 1st XI
    Patrick Williams (vi) – 1st XI    


Key – to letters mentioned above in ‘Team of the Week’

i. Effort in Attack/Defence & Transitions (Never Gave Up)
ii. High Level of Consistency in Completing Job
iii. Communication to Help Organise Others ‘On and/or Off the Field.
iv. Embraced the Challenge and Overcame Adversity
v. Sportsmanship
vi. Gathered/Took on Feedback & Implemented vii. Bravery: Put ‘Body on the Line’

Luke Gray – Director of Football


Blitz Results

    Cranbrook St Aloysius Knox Waverley  
Team   Score Result Score Result Score Result Score Result  
1st XI   1 0 W 1 1 D 1 0 W 0 1 L  
10A   1 0 W 1 0 W 0 4 L     Waverley Forfeit  
9A       Washed Out     Washed Out     Washed Out     Washed Out  
8A   0 2 L 1 1 D 2 3 L 0 2 L  
7A   2 3 L 5 0 W 0 0 D 1 3 L  

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