From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

Tomorrow is now a SPORT FREE Saturday for all Junior School boys. Winter Sport Trials are set down for next Saturday, 2 April at Cooke & Bressington Parks. IPSHA Cross Country at Kings for selected boys is now on Wednesday, 4 May.

During Terms 2 & 3 Traditional Rugby, 1st XV, 11A & 10A will play most of their home fixtures at school or Cooke Park. All Junior School Football home matches will continue to be played at Bressington Park which will also host Intra -Sport. The AFL draw is still being completed by the AFL.

If you are still to purchase uniforms and protective equipment, mouthguards are compulsory for Rugby and AFL and recommended for Football. P.E. uniform will suffice for all three codes during the trials process unless your son already has the correct kit. It is best to wait to purchase uniforms until your son has been placed in a team. I will also email the clothing store a list when they are available.

Headgear is recommended for rugby. Shin guards are compulsory for football. All boys require boots for Thursday sessions and their games on the weekends. Intra-Sport will start with football. All boys will come to school in P.E. attire and change into their respective football uniforms each Thursday throughout the winter season.

Please check the TGS App and have notifications and subscriptions turned on as the best option when checking for updates on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning if the weather is dubious. My Sports Master’s mobile is 0438 980602, please put this number in your phone if you need to alert us to a last minute absence or if you are running late.

Last Saturday we had wet conditions outside for Round 6 of Summer Sport. Thus, only Basketball which was all held indoors or under cover could proceed. We came out on top 5-2 (and one draw) in our Trinity derby clash with TGS Prep in 5/6 Basketball and our Year 4 teams were too strong for Newington Lindfield up on the north shore.

Last Friday we ran our annual TGSJS Cross Country course. It was a tight affair for House Champion. The final point score was:

Young 111.5 / Founders 100 / Taubman 90 / Latham 88.5.

Congratulations to Young, House Champions of Cross Country once more.

                Age Champion            Runner Up
U9s         Jacob Bechara U9s    Leo Hoang
U10s      Alfie Romeo U10s    Jonah Chan
U11s      Anthony Fanos U11s    Jordan Buultjens
Opens    Oliver Newton Opens   Austin da Silva


19 March Results:

1st V TGS Prep 36 def Trinity JS 31
Best and Fairest Matthew Portois
Most Consistent Alexander Chung
2nd V Trinity JS 34 def TGS Prep 24
Best and Fairest Matthew Boumelhem
Most Consistent Joshua Deiri
3rd V Trinity JS 24 drew with TGS Prep 24
Best and Fairest Zac Marques
Most Consistent Lachlan Tucker
4th V Trinity JS 38 def TGS Prep 20
Best and Fairest Max Edwards
Most Consistent Oliver Newton
5th V Trinity JS 18 def TGS Prep 4
Best and Fairest George Halvagi
Most Consistent Jayden Yang
6th V Trinity JS 20 def TGS Prep 18
Best and Fairest Benji Nallaiah
Most Consistent Baden Galletta
7th V Trinity JS 20 def TGS Prep 18
Best and Fairest Harry Carson
Most Consistent Jay Zhang
8th V TGS Prep 42 def Trinity JS 8
Best and Fairest Andrew Zeng
Most Consistent Vito Zhou
4A V Trinity JS 44 def Newington Lindfield 2
Best and Fairest Leon Armenis
4B V Trinity JS 54 def Newington Lindfield 16
Best and Fairest Christopher Xu
4C V Trinity JS 18 def Newington Lindfield 0
Best and Fairest Ayden Youssef
Intra Year 5/6  
Most Consistent Connor Probets & Max Botros
Intra Year 4  
Most Consistent Dimitri Karlos & Lucas Horley

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

4B V at Newington Lindfield 19/3
U12s at the start line of the Cross Country

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