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Sports News | Preparatory School


Trinity 4As vs Shore:

It was a wet Saturday morning and we were playing on court 2 (the new court). We started the game winning the first point. We won 20-7, go Trinity!!!

By Tim Ong


Trinity 4B’s vs Redlands:

From Saturday the 4A’s can improve by playing more defense and passing the ball. The A’s played well at offensive plays. The A’s also play well at assists. We can work on more accurate scores so we can win and score more points. Trinity lost 22-26, well done Redlands.

By Jacob Malas and Alexander Simon

Trinity 4B’s vs Redlands:

We arrived early and practised on the wet top court before our games against Redland. We had some good defense, and we have to improve on our scoring. Mr Fortescue was calling me Candy, like Candy Chang the famous basketball player. We played really well and won 16 – 4. I think we could have scored more; I missed the layup.

By Lawrence Chang


Trinity 4C’s vs Redlands:

They had some tall defense, but Trinity were faster and scored the most goals. Trinity won 18-4. We have to learn more from Mr Fortescue and shoot better.

By Alex Cho


Trinity 4D’s vs Redlands

Trinity won by 40-10. Redlands were short of players, so the Trinity intra sports played for Redlands. Overall, everyone played really well and Trinity scored the most points, 40 – 10. The defense was good by both teams, but Trinity came out on top.

By Aiden Ta


Two Trinity boys Curtis and Orlando switched to the Redlands team. Redlands lost to Trinity by 30 points. It was fun to join in for competitive sport and hopefully I can be in a Trinity team next time.

By Curtis Chen

Saturday Sport Results

Round 5 | 12th March 2022
Year 5 & 6 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st V 1st V St. Aloysius
Score 24 63
Best and Fairest Harris Yang
Encouragement Ethan Marangou
2nd V 2nd V St. Aloysius
Score 19 35
Best and Fairest Kaden Pandher
Encouragement Jonah Hsieh
3rd V 3rd V St. Aloysius
Score 11 12
Best and Fairest Alex Constantinou
Encouragement Veer Singh
4th V 4th V St. Aloysius
Score 4 25
Best and Fairest Timmy Zhao
Encouragement Billy Paradisis
5th V 5th V St. Aloysius
Score 1 61
Best and Fairest Ethan Lam
Encouragement Zachary Al-Hassan
6th V 6th V St. Aloysius
Score 6 21
Best and Fairest Owen Callaghan
Encouragement Karim Tamergi
7th V 7th V St. Aloysius
Score 0 57
Best and Fairest Michael Essen
Encouragement Zachariah Sayed
8th V 8th V St. Aloysius
Score 19 22
Best and Fairest Greg Tranxidis
Encouragement Joshua Gu
Year 4 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
4A V 4A V Redlands
Score 22 26
Best and Fairest Charlie Steventon
Encouragement Joshua Ouyang
4B V 4B V Redlands
Score 18 4
Best and Fairest Lucas Le
Encouragement Lawrence Chang
4C V 4C V Redlands
Score 32 4
Best and Fairest Bruce Zhang
Encouragement Samuel Simon
4D V 4D V Redlands
Score 40 10
Best and Fairest Aiden Ta
Encouragement Ashwin Eswaran
Year 5 & 6 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
6A 6A Grammar Edgecliff
Score 116 82
Best and Fairest Oscar Rudd and Dylan Paskaranathan
6B 6B Grammar Edgecliff
Score 78 88
Best and Fairest Laurie Earnshaw
5A 5A Newington Lindfield
Score 78 119
Best and Fairest Jayshan Shanmugaratnam
5B 5B Newington Lindfield
Score 74 154
Best and Fairest Aryan Kotwal
Year 4 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
4A 4A Cranbrook
Score 78 91
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid
Touch Football
Team Trinity Opponent
Team A A Waverley
Score 3 13
Best and Fairest Laith Radwan
Encouragement Michael Whiting
Team B B Waverley
Score 7 8
Best and Fairest Owen Li
Encouragement Ethan Koh
Yr 5 & 6 Trinity Opponent
Single Game 1 Yianni Pahos St Aloyisus
Score 5 0
Single Game 2 Marcus Nguyen St Aloyisus
Score 5 0
Single Game 3 Victor Bao St Aloyisus
Score 5 0
Single Game 4 Jake Lim St Aloyisus
Score 4 1
Single Game 5 Nicholas Khouzame St Aloyisus
Score 4 1
Single Game 6 Laurier Chen St Aloyisus
Score 3 2
Single Game 7 Jack Brown St Aloyisus
Score 3 2
Single Game 8 Adriano Fufaro St Aloyisus
Score 3 2
Doubles Game 1 Yianni Pahos & Marcus Nguyen St Aloyisus
Score 5 2
Doubles Game 2 Laurier Chen & Nicholas Khouzame St Aloyisus
Score 4 3
Doubles Game 3 Jack Brown &
Victor Bao
St Aloyisus
Score 6 1
Doubles Game 4 Jake Lim & Marcus Du St Aloyisus
Score 4 3
Best and Fairest Victor Bao
Encouragement Jack Brown
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Intra-School Sport CANCELLED

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