Preparatory School Debating

Preparatory School Debating

We had a very interesting debate against Kincoppal and the topic was, ‘That it should be compulsory for Year 5 and 6 to do debating’. Trinity was affirmative whilst Kincoppal was negative. Kincoppal’s focus was on how debating should be encouraged, not forced due to the fact of stress and other issues that can deteriorate people’s health, whilst Trinity mainly focused on how debating can help us develop many skills that can help us do better in society like communication skills. Ultimately though, Kincoppal did come out on top and win the debate.

Ronak, our first speaker, stated that debating can help train our brains and makes our minds more agile due to continuous on the spot thinking. He also stated that debating allows us to develop wonderful qualities like communication skills and leadership skills.

Adam, our second speaker, started off with a rebuttal on how debating has a very important role, to teach us to be social, therefore making the price worth it. Adam’s points were that debating refines teamwork through the prep room and having to figure out a structure and arguments for the debate. His last point was that debating allows us to develop critical thinking skills due to the fact that we have to think of rebuttals on the spot.

Last but not least, Ethan, our third speaker rebutted the whole team’s case with well thought out arguments. He also did a summary of our team’s points to fortify them.

Overall, we had a very enjoyable debate, and we will take on those learning opportunities to improve!

Written by: Chenyu and Christian

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