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Library News | Preparatory School

Author Visit – Deb Abela

The boys in years 3-6 were captivated during their author visit from Deb Abela this week. She shared some incredible stories, both from the books she has written and her own personal life. We learnt the key ingredients to a great story and how to add in additional problems for your characters to keep the story interesting.

If your son would like to purchase a signed copy of one of Deb’s books, you can do so from this link. The book will be delivered to the School.

Breakout EDU

During break times throughout the last week, we have reintroduced the Breakout EDU box. This is a fantastic resource that requires students to use the 4 Cs: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical reflection to crack codes and open the box. It is kind of like an escape room, but within a locked box that can be modified to anything the students are learning about at school. This week we had information about Deb Abela and the students needed to read through it and find clues to crack the codes to the padlocks on the locked box. The students that came to the Library at lunch time were very keen to get involved and managed to crack the codes and open the box to find some lollies inside! The boys are very keen for new ones to be made for their lunch times in the Library.

Author Spotlight – Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley is a multi-modal artist working across the fields of visual arts, music and literature. He is an award-winning picture book writer and illustrator, with 25 picture books published. He spent his childhood in Papua New Guinea and has travelled widely throughout Australia and the world. As a teenager and during his early twenties he worked as a stockman on remote cattle stations in the Australian outback, before studying fine arts and music. He lived for three years in Britain working as an equestrian painter, painting some of Britain’s finest racehorses and polo ponies.

He is now one of Australia’s most popular children’s author/illustrators and has been published in several different languages around the world. His book and musical work for young adults, Requiem for a Beast was awarded the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Picture Book of the Year in 2008, and the Queensland Premier’s Award for Young Adult Literature in the same year. His picture book, What Faust Saw was an international best seller. Matt has also worked as a professional flamenco and classical guitarist. He is currently working on two large-scale orchestral projects that will also have visual and literature components.

Mrs Abi Nel | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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