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Teaching and Learning Spotlight: Build a Brain

In their Who We Are Unit of Inquiry, Year 4 has been inquiring into the central idea that investigating the science of learning enables us to understand our role as a learner. During our Library/UOI lessons, we have been exploring the role and function of different parts of the brain, including memory and the importance of sleep, and their impact on our ability to learn and retain information. The boys have been utilising note-taking skills while watching BTN videos to help them retain knowledge, by practising different note-taking methods, and identifying which best suits their own individual learning preferences.

Last week the boys worked in groups to create a brain! They designed an imaginary animal with an enhanced ability or superpower. After describing their animal’s features, drawing it and drawing the brain, they then worked to build their animal brain out of playdoh, using different colours to represent different parts of the brain. They had to ensure that the part of the brain which controlled their animal’s enhanced ability was enlarged in their model.

The Kangastar Reyfish has a larger cerebellum because it has the ability to swim, climb trees and walls, fly and leap long distances, which are all factors that require the aid of balance, which the cerebellum is responsible for. It also has a larger temporal lobe, to support its bat-like ears.

The Dinochee Beagleagle has many enhanced abilities including speed and camouflage, enhanced sense of hearing and smell, amd strong wings for flying – with corresponding larger areas of the brain.

Well done Year 4 on using your knowledge and creativity to design some impressive, slightly scary animals!

Miss Gratton | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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