From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

From the Sportsmaster | Junior School

The weather was a little kinder last weekend allowing us to almost have a full complement of fixtures. We came out on top in the majority of our 11 inter school Basketball matches, we were successful in both Year 6 Cricket contests and our Tennis boys continued their winning run.

Tomorrow is the last round of Summer Sport for Term 1. The IPSHA Cross Country originally scheduled for Saturday, 26 March has now been postponed so that Saturday is a Sport free weekend! Saturday 2 April is Winter Sport Trials for all boys in Years 4-6. Boys should know their winter football codes they will be trialling in and will be in year groups on the day.  Cooke Park and Bressington Park will be the two venues that will be used on that day.

Boys in Years 4-6 need to come ready for winter sport next Thursday 24 March as we will change straight over to the three football codes from summer season. Please remember all necessary clothing and protective requirements. If you are new to the School, please do not buy the kit until your son is placed into an inter-school team. During trials, P.E. attire is fine to wear. If your son has boots he may certainly bring them and change into these.

It was great to see many of you at our annual Junior School Cross Country this morning. The weather has been more settled to run this event after a tumultuous start to the month. With the redevelopment of the ovals coming soon it will be the last time we run the current course for a period.

Year 3’s Friday afternoons of football conclude today. It has been great to see the improvement amongst many of the boys from where they began back in early February. Year 3 will move into grade sport on Thursdays for the rest of term, so they should bring their House shirts in their bag for the next three Thursdays.

The Winter Tuesday morning sessions for A teams (and anyone else interested) will commence in Week 2 of next term (3 May) at 7am sharp.

Round 5 IPSHA Summer Sport Results– 12 March 2022

6A Trinity 116 def Grammar Edgecliff 82
Best and Fairest Oscar Rudd
Encouragement Dylan Paskaranathan *
6B Trinity 88 def Grammar Edgecliff 78
Best and Fairest Laurie Earnshaw*
5A Newington Lindfield 119 def Trinity 78
Best and Fairest Jayshan*
5B  Newington Lindfield 154 def Trinity 74
Encouragement Aryan Kotwal
4B Cranbrook 91 def Trinity 78
Best and Fairest Luke Obaid
Touch Football A  Waverley 13 def Trinity 3
Best and Fairest Laith Radwan*
Encouragement Michael Whiting
Touch Football B Waverley 8 def Trinity 7
Best and Fairest Owen Li
Encouragement Ethan Koh*
1st V Grammar Edgecliff 59 def Trinity JS 21
Best and Fairest Daniel Orr
Encouragement Matthew Portois
2nd V Trinity JS 29 drew with Grammar Edgecliff 29
Best and Fairest Arles Hanning
Encouragement Arthur Mansfield
3rd V Trinity JS 42 def Grammar Edgecliff 27
Best and Fairest Kyden Salim
Encouragement Finley Askew
4th V  Trinity JS 36 def Grammar Edgecliff 25
Best and Fairest Jacob Chan
Encouragement Patrick Crook
5th V Trinity JS 21 def Grammar Edgecliff 8
Best and Fairest Nathan Moses
Encouragement Jackie Jiang
6th V Grammar Edgecliff 23 def Trinity JS 20
Best and Fairest Ash Dao
Encouragement Luke Nunez
7th V Grammar Edgecliff 18 def Trinity JS 14
Best and Fairest Elijah Harding
Encouragement Seb Lamb
8th V Trinity JS 14 def Grammar Edgecliff 8
Best and Fairest Kai Whitten
Encouragement Mateo Lazanja
4A V Trinity JS 14 def Santa Sabina 8
Best and Fairest Jonah Chan
4B V Trinity JS 24 def Kincoppal RB 18
Best and Fairest Christopher Xu
4C V Kincoppal RB 12 def Trinity JS 4
Best and Fairest Nathan Lesnie
Intra Basketball WASHED OUT
5/6 Tennis Trinity JS 12 def St. Aloysius 0
Best and Fairest Terence Ho
Encouragement Darren Cai

Chris Robinson | Sports Master

7th V at Weigall Courts

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