From the Head Master | Visiting Day at the Field Studies Programme

From the Head Master | Visiting Day at the Field Studies Programme

Last Sunday was the family visiting day at the Field Studies Centre. The Year 9 boys have been in residence at our Jervis Bay campus all term and Sunday provided an opportunity for families to visit, discover the site and spend time together in the area.

The arrival of families was a little reminiscent of the airport scenes in the film Love Actually, when loved ones are reunited. It was genuinely beautiful to see. The video below will provide you with some insight into the occasion.

Although the aftermath of the persistent rain prevented us from running the site-based visitation day that we had planned, families were able to become familiar with the site, providing some context to the stories that have been told in video-chats and regular letter-writing. Although we were disappointed not to do more on campus, spending time in the Jervis Bay area is no hardship. I understand that the South Nowra McDonalds may have seen some Trinity customers!

Although I did not speak with all the boys and their families, some consistent themes did emerge in discussions. Many parents were surprised at the physical changes in their sons, both with reference to height and general fitness. Some were moved by the warmth and emotion with which they were greeted; it is not always the case that adolescent boys will be demonstrative with their affection for their families. I also heard many comments about the growth in maturity they observed.

All of which is to say, initial feedback from and about this initial cohort for the extended Field Studies Programme strongly affirms its value. Whilst it is undeniably a challenging experience for the boys, it is both good for them and enjoyable. As Mr Knowles reflected, journeys often involve bumps and potholes, but as we experience them, we learn to deal with them.

This is an appropriate point also for me to express my appreciation to the staff of the Field Studies Centre. In our leadership group, our administrative staff, our outdoor educators and our teachers, we have a very strong team who are well equipped to support the boys and absolutely committed to doing so.

It is not uncommon for me to see an aspect of School life and to reflect ‘I wish my experience as a student included this.’ This is emphatically my belief with reference to the Field Studies Programme. It is a wonderful experience for our Trinity boys.

Detur gloria soli deo

Tim Bowden | Head Master

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