Basketball CAS Round 5 versus Cranbrook

Basketball CAS Round 5 versus Cranbrook

Year 8Is celebrate their victory in final game of the season.

“Trinity finish season with ten CAS Premierships”

In what has been a unique and unprecedented season of CAS Basketball, Trinity performed very competitively across the board. The Opens were the standout group, finishing with a very impressive 65% success rate across their 14 teams. Trinity captured ten CAS Premierships, with the 5ths, 9ths,  and Year 10A and 9As going undefeated and the 3rds, 4ths, 6ths, 7ths, Year 9Ds and Year 8Ds only suffering one loss across their five games. Unfortunately, the 1sts and 2nds fell agonisingly short, dropping the last game.

“Trinity outgunned by an incredible shooting display by Cranbrook”


1st V

It proved to be a tough finish for the Firsts as they fell agonisingly short in what the coaching staff and the boys in the week leading up to the final game felt would be a likely victory. What Trinity didn’t see coming was Cranbrook having the night of their lives as they poured in 16 ‘3s’ at 47% and 53% overall shooting for the game. Incredibly, Trinity were able to hold a slight lead (21-18) at the end of the opening quarter with Jesse Edwards (10WH) and Jayden Woods (12Ar) combining for 17 points. The barrage of long bombs came in the second period with Cranbrook nailing six. Ollie Smith (11Ar) returned fire with a pair of ‘3s’, to keep Trinity in check, but the boys were in shock as they headed to the changerooms the half-time down by ten points (37-47).

The onslaught didn’t dry up for Cranbrook after the main break, as Trinity’s trademark D was not in sync, and the boys from Bellevue Hill feeling that they could cause a huge upset. Trinity’s effort was there, they were working hard to stem the tide, but the pressure continued to build as they could see their aspirations of CAS glory slipping from their grasp. James Arthur (12WH), James Andrews (12La) and Cristian Farr (12Mu) did their best to get the momentum swing with relentless effort at both ends, but it wasn’t going to be Trinity’s night. To the Greens’ credit they kept fighting to end, winning the last quarter, but the damage was done in the third period as Cranbrook outscored Trinity by 13 points (30-17). Although it was a gut-wrenching defeat (81-96), especially for the Year 12s in their final game for the School, as a Coach I couldn’t have been prouder of the way our boys acted in a harrowing defeat. The humility and ‘team before self’ standard we ask each player year in, year out was executed with precision. That is what Trinity Basketball is built on and this group nailed it!

Leading Statistics

Jesse Edwards – 19 pts. 12 rebs. 6 asts

Jayden Woods – 22 pts. 9 rebs.

James Arthur – 14 pts.

Ollie Smith – 9 pts.


2nd V

Trinity entered the last round with an impressive 3-1 record, with their sights set on another 2nds Premiership. However, a hostile and energetic Friday night Cranbrook crowd spurred their winless team to make this game a contest. Yet again, Trinity was slow out of the gate as they struggled to score until Matthew Nicholas (11WJ) banked in a 3-point buzzer-beater to end the first period. In the second quarter, the Greens were significantly more aggressive offensively. Adam Taleb (11Mu) was incredibly forceful in attacking the basket, putting the Cranbrook defence in disarray. The boys’ offensive surge resulted in them taking a slim one-point lead at halftime (21-20).

Traditionally, this season Trinity has been a tremendous second-half team, though on this occasion the boys were quite flustered, only managing 16 points. Despite the minimal success in scoring, the inclusion of both Elias Sidiropoulos (12Yo) and Matthew DeBelle (12Sc) defensively enabled the Greens to remain in the hunt, as both boys made some crucial defensive stops along with influencing many of Cranbrook’s shot attempts. Heading to the final quarter and the scores tied, the Seconds squandered compilation of easy baskets. Cranbrook’s success from the free throw line down the stretch and an electric crowd cheering relentlessly for their maiden victory proved too much for Trinity to overcome and a CAS Premiership slipped unfortunately from their grasp.


Leading Scorers

Anson Zhou – 8 pts 6 rebs. 3 stls.

Elias Sidiropoulos – 6 pts. 10 rebs.

Anson Zhou – 8 pts

Sam Payne – 6 pts. 3 rebs. 3 stls.


3rd V

It was a very tight game from start to finish with the lead changing often throughout. Felix Leckie (12La) and Paris Karakikes (11He) led the team with harassing defence, which instigated fast break offence opportunities as they combined for 27 points respectively. Jaden Leung (11Hi) played his best game of the season, getting many steals and finishing his layups every time. Coach Kell Daniels was very proud of the boys and the improvement under immense pressure over the course of their game. A great way to end the season and win the CAS.


4th V

Cranbrook ran away with the score in the first quarter of the game to lead Trinity by 15 points. A time out to reset and the Fourths were off, and scored 18 points without reply heading into the break. Off solid defence from Sam Niulala (11St), Michael Assaf (11St) and Kelvin Kong (11Ar), this allowed Trinity plenty of ball with Marc Barakat (11Mu) piling on a hot sequence of ten points. Sam Niulala finished with a game-high 19 points. A consistent effort throughout the season and staying calm under pressure resulted in a CAS Premiership for the Greens.


5th V

Arriving at Rose Bay late afternoon, the 5ths were hungry in the knowledge that a win may give them a chance to be CAS premiers, and so this very talented team got to work. Ty Garaci (11Ho), Henry Nabavi-Tabrizi (11St), Nicholas Katsiris (11Ta) and Joel Maher (11Ta) proved dominant on the offensive end, running the team plays with great efficiency and resulting in a flow of baskets. George Karabatsos (11Ta), Jonah Arraj (11Hi), Peter Georgelos (11WH) and Gabriel Simoes-Peixeiro (11Sc) played with great intensity defensively, forcing Cranbrook into errors and creating multiple turnovers resulting in Trinity baskets. Returning from injury, Oliver Askew (11We) was outstanding in the middle, covering every small section of the court with pace, desire and skill and proved the Greens best for the final game and victory.


6th V

The Mighty 6ths turned up in force with one mission in mind; win and go home as undefeated Champions. The first ten minutes saw a lethargic Green defensive unit with scores close. It took the dynamic Ari Tashtan (11Ke) to lift the intensity at both ends of the court, landing and assisting a number of key baskets to keep the scoreboard ticking over for Trinity. Soon after, ‘Captain Courageous’ Patrick Williams (12La), Rupert Dobbin (12Du) and Dean Paraskevopoulos (12Fo), together with Emile Harb (11Sc), joined the tussle with some great drives, tigerish defence and smarter passing to ensure a well-deserved victory. Liam Cavanagh (11Ar) and Giancarlo Vari(11Ke) provided some good defensive sets with Andrew Yang (11Hi) and Brandon Lieu (11Ho) proving to be effective guards in the second half. Pete Mitrokas (11Mu) dominated the paint and proved to all on court that he was the most improved player of 2022. A great season!


7th V

Going into the game, both Schools were undefeated and playing for the Premiership. In a fast-athletic match, Trinity unfortunately fell just short by four points. The Greens started strong by taking an early lead, but the home team slowly found their rhythm with both teams level at half-time (20-20). Marshalled by Dom Feros (12WJ) and Nicholas Keogh (12Ta), with Sebastian Sara (12Du) and Hugh Browning’s (12Du) physical presence the 7ths maintained the intensity, but Cranbrook got on a hot streak, shooting threes to take an unassailable lead to win the game by six points. Jude Robinson (12St) was simply unstoppable, shooting 22 of the team’s 29 points.


8th V

In an epic last game of the season, the 8ths made a remarkable comeback to draw the game. Omkar Pednekar (12Ta) hit an early 3-point lead to set the tone, and Jack Gully (11WH), aided by Joshua Jenkins (11La), combined well to keep Trinity on Cranbrook’s heels at the main break. In last few minutes Trinity were down by five but some intense full-court pressure saw Cranbrook turn the ball-over and the influential Sam Waddington (12Mu) capitalised with a big three. In the dying moments Trinity had a chance to win the game from the free throw line with just three seconds left, but unfortunately couldn’t connect on either attempt as both Schools finished locked on 20 points.


9th V

Trinity were back with almost a full squad of players for their important final game of the season. The teamwork and determination to go unbeaten for the season was excellent to watch. Cody Lambert (11He) once again was on fire with his shooting in the first half, hitting nothing but net with 12 points for the game. Christian Falato (11Sc), Rowan O’Connor (11Mu) and returning Adam Bahmad (11Ho) were tenacious in defence and scored 15 points between them in offence. Some excellent rebounding from Ben Robinson (12Yo) and Jack Barter (12St) helped secure a strong win and CAS glory.


10th V

The 10ths were seeking one more win to go unbeaten in the CIS but were up against a strong team. The Cranbrook number 63 was on fire with ten points within the first five minutes, including two 3-pointers, shooting any 1st team player would have been proud of. This unsettled the team, who were unable to sink their shots. A fight back in the second half brought the 10ths to within nine points but Cranbrook ran away with the game in the end. Once again,  James Mallios had great rebounding and scored well for the 10ths. An excellent season all round from the 10ths with superb commitment from every team member.


Year 10A

Trinity faced a skilled Cranbrook team where a win would automatically give the Greens the Premiership. Henry Mansfield (Ke) was instrumental in giving Trinity a perfect start, scoring eight quick points. However, the 11-point lead created early in the game was eradicated by some Cranbrook three pointers. This is where Jed Moor (WJ) played his best by both scoring the ball and securing key rebounds. Christian Henriques (He) provided momentum in the second half through his hustle plays on defence to give the Greens a boost in energy. Peter Tanevski (WH) took over offensively late in the game to ensure a victory, putting the final stamp on not only a great game but great season.


Year 10B

Heading into the last game, the 10Bs were hungry and focussed to finish the short season on a winning note. Matthew Nasar (Mu) got Trinity off to a strong start by getting to the rim for easy quick scores. Adriano Lemme (Fo) used his length and athleticism to disrupt Cranbrook defensively by getting four stops in a row and scoring at the other end. Ryan Mahoney (Sc) then kept the Greens in the game as Cranbrook started to pull ahead by individually scoring 17 points. Despite the loss by three points, all the boys can hold their head high knowing they played their hearts out, by finishing what was an enjoyable season.


Year 10C

The 10Cs suffered a close loss, conceding the lead in the last minutes of the game. All individuals played well, but Cranbrook were a superior team in the end. In particular, Caleb Broadbent (St) and Lawrence Hoe (Yo) maintained their high energy and team goal focus from start to end.


Year 10D

The Greens looked likely winners, before they lost the momentum to a fast finishing Cranbrook team, which was hard but necessary to accept at the final whistle. Oliver Huynh (Ke) played hard for the almost the entire game, and both Lachlan Tang (WH) and William Wang (La) ran hard and fast in both offence and defence.


Year 10E

Trinity fought week in week out for the duration of the season and resilience paid off, with the 10Es getting a win in the final game. It was an amazing feeling of achievement for the boys in a tough encounter. Jett Halmarick (Ar) nailed a big ‘3’ and Kevin Lin (Sc) was relentless all over the court.


Year 10F

Collectively the 10Fs started the game slowly but grew in confidence as they started getting some points on the board. Lachlan Johnson (Ke) was dominant on the rebounds, while Hugo Nguyen’s (Ho) aggressive play was a key factor to Trinity success. Special mention to Blake Whitaker (La) for his efforts and growth over the course of the season.


Year 10G

Consistent performance from start to finish by Trinity and a well-deserved win after two previous close losses. Jon Mavraidis (Ke) top scored with 10 points, while Raphael Marzouk (Ho) pulled down a lot of rebounds in his first game. A great team effort and result for the final game.


Year 9A

The 9As closed out the season with a comfortable 21-point win. What has been the trend this season, multiple players were missing, but Harrison Lyttle (Ar) and Ethan Marten-Coney (Ho) were unable to be stopped, combining for 45 points. The win capped off an impressive undefeated season for the team in which all players were vital at different moments during the shortened season.


Year 9C

A fantastic effort from the 9Cs to finish the season with an exhilarating 18-point win. The boys were on from the jump, getting stops and converting them on the offensive end. Theo Leckie (La) was unstoppable this game scoring 25 points, with Austin Wang (Sc) providing plenty of offensive punch. A great way to finish the season as these boys will have plenty to prove as they progress into Year 10.


Year 9D

A close first half saw the 9Ds pull away with all members contributing to a dominant 20-point win and being crowned CAS Premiers. Isaac Irwin (Yo) was outstanding in all facets, getting stops and scores throughout the game. His running mate, Jake Matthews (Ke), was able to feed off his energy and have a huge impact on the result of the game. Special mention to Noah Pernic (Hi) who was efficient with his perimeter shooting all through the game. A great way to end the season and they should be commended for their efforts being down a number of players each week.


Year 9E

Cranbrook began the game with only four players, but unfortunately Trinity became complacent, giving up a lead which they could not recapture. Physical play from Cranbrook made getting into rhythm on both sides of the ball challenging. Lucas Michael (Ke) did his best to embrace the contact and still be disruptive on defence. Ryan Trieu (We) used his size well throughout the game to patrol the paint.


Year 9F

The 9Fs brought the energy for the final game of the season, outworking Cranbrook in almost every loose ball situation. Declan Tan (Mu), despite a couple of jarred fingers, was able to get many of the loose balls. Anay Shah (Ar) provided great offence through confident attack. The boys were able to build a substantial lead and then enjoy the remainder of match.


Year 8B

It was a blistering start for the 8Bs as they ran away to an early double-digit lead on the back of their intense defensive trapping. David Sukkar (Ta) was phenomenal as he showcased some stellar footwork, offensively finishing with a game-high 17 points. Despite leading at half, Cranbrook surged back into the game as the boys’ defensive intensity vanished.  Xavier Potts (Mu), in his first game, brought some much-needed physicality on both ends which included a timely basket in the late stages. With Trinity holding a small lead, Dilan Petrides (Yo) converted a clutch foul shot to extend the lead to 5 points with a minute remaining.


Year 8C

The 8Cs ended the season with a thrilling win over Cranbrook, secured by a game-winning, buzzer-beating lay-up from Tommy Luu (Ar). The dynamic frontcourt combination of Tommy, Zac Tashtan (Ke), and Alex Brown (Ho) has become a huge threat to opposing teams, with the trio scoring all but two of Trinity’s 35 points. The boys have been steadily improving each week and it was fantastic to see them finish on a high.


Year 8D 

It was heartbreak for the Trinity 8Ds, whose hopes of an undefeated season were dashed by a wild game-winning shot from Cranbrook at the buzzer. Dean Constantinou (Mu) and Isaac Sandroussi (We) were typically assertive in the first half, outrebounding their opponents and dominating the paint. Impressive playmaking from Aiman Malas (We) generated plenty of good looks in the second half but the shots ultimately did not fall. Despite this final loss, the team has had a great run and the boys should be proud of their efforts.


Year 8G

Trinity struggled in the first half, allowing Cranbrook to build a sizeable lead in the early minutes of the game. However, Justin Do (Du) came to the rescue, walling off the paint and stymieing the Cranbrook offence. Trinity had slowed the momentum, but nonetheless trailed to begin the second half. The offence was quickly brought to life by Charlie Parsonage (Ta), who was able to beat the Cranbrook press and kickstart the offence. Owyn Nakhle (Ke) had the hot hand throughout the second half, leading the team in scoring as well as finding teammates all over the floor, allowing the men in Green to put a dent in the Cranbrook lead. However, it was too little too late as Trinity fell a few baskets short, despite a valiant comeback.


Year 8I

Heading into this match, the 8Is were undefeated after their two games and were looking to continue their winning ways. From the get-go, Trinity were on the front foot and proved dominant on offence. Hussien Zein (He) and Ayman Kassem (8WH) combined well to put Trinity in the lead early. Across the court, everyone stepped up and kept Cranbrook scoreless for much of the first half. Every member of the team managed to get on the scorers’ sheet which was fantastic for a great Greens win.


Year 8J

The 8Js went on the road to finish their season against rivals, Knox. In the early stages, Knox managed to score quickly and get out to an 8-2 lead. Ethan Zang (Sc) rose to the challenge by scoring a few tough baskets inside to bring it back to a two-point game by half time. Max Tyson (St) secured an absurd amount of steals, as he was all over the court, defensively wreaking havoc for the opponent. Ethan Zang again late in the game managed to score two baskets from just inside the 3-point line to equal the scores, before Knox went on to take the win by two, in a game that could have gone either way.


Year 7A

Trinity finished the season off with an impressive performance, displaying substantial improvements across the board. The Greens came out to another slow start but were able to lift their efforts midway through the first half due to their defensive pressure. Alex Hu (WH) was a key contributor on both ends of the floor in this period. In the second half, the boys’ defensive pressure was suffocating Cranbrook’s offensive flow. Combined with some outstanding pick and roll play between Ezekiel Kho (Ar) and Iziah Constanti (La), the Greens pulled out to a comfortable lead to win the game.


Year 7B

Following a number of close losses this season, the 7Bs were able to find their first win of the season thanks to their sheer grit and determination. The Greens were defensively solid for 40 minutes and were able to capitalise on Cranbrook’s misses, thanks to the work of George Drivas (Ta) and Louis Zizikas (WH) on the rebounding front. Alessio Caridi (Sc) was dominant all game, getting to the rim, creating for his teammates, and getting stops on defence. Special mention to the team spirit and leadership of Jayden Roger (Ta) that, while consistent all season, was particularly crucial this game.


Year 7E

The 7Es had a roller coaster season, and heading into the final game, the boys were hungry to win. Kyle Jiang (Sc) was impressive right away, hitting a couple of threes to shift the momentum in favour of Trinity. Charlie Curcuruto (Sc) and Denny So (Ta) were defensive juggernauts, grabbing steals everywhere. A couple of easy buckets around the ring from James Merry (Ho) contributed to an impressive blowout victory.


Year 7F

It was a beautiful day in Bellevue Hill, perfect for the 7Fs to play fast-passed basketball. Both teams played tremendous defence from the start, making it difficult to score. Alex Pisaturo (St) started the scoring with two close-range buckets, which were followed by easy steals from William Routley (We). Cranbrook went on a 4-0 run near the end to take a one-point lead, and it was too late for Trinity to come back.


Year 7G

The 7Gs last game of the summer season began with some incredible ball movement, getting touches from all players led by Corey Matthews (Ke) at the guard, dishing to centre Ben El-Hayek (Ta) for some easy buckets. Cooper Chan (Fo) was a beast on defence with multiple steals, while fellow two-way player James Barry (Mu) shut down Cranbrook’s offence to see Trinity take the honours.


Year 7I

After a blow-out loss to Barker in round one, the 7Is were anxious for a rematch. Elijah Lee (Fo) was able to get Trinity on the score board, after a low scoring start to the game, by pushing the ball in transition leading to easy baskets inside the paint. Further, Jack Cooper (Hi) and Josh Quibell’s (WJ) stellar defence limited the offensively-gifted Barker side to few opportunities to score, whilst Michael Mikhael (Ke) and John Nammour (Ho) fought hard on the glass, grabbing numerous rebounds against a significantly taller Barker centre. Despite this valiant effort, Trinity fell short, losing 16-12 in a close game.


Year 7J

After a draw and two losses on the season, the 7Js were determined to win. They were led by the offensive firepower of Zayne Helou (Fo), who put a plethora of points on the board quickly whilst playing great defence. Despite early foul trouble, Gabriel Eskaroo’s (Fo) defensive efforts limited Barker’s scoring flow. A special mention must be given to Xander Vaccarella (La), who demonstrated high level skills with a silky smooth between-the-legs dribble into a pull-up jump shot, awing the crowd and even the opposition players. It was an impressive victory for this resilient young group of ballers.

Ben Morrissey | Director of Basketball

CAS Round 5 versus Cranbrook School

Team Scores Team Scores
1sts 81-96 L 9A 57-36 W
2nds 37-42 L 9B 17-36 L
3rds 40-38 W 9C 55-37 W
4ths 44-35 W 9D 47-27 W
5ths 46-28 W 9E 26-29 L
6ths 37-22 W 9F 48-30 W
7ths 29-35 L 9G 14-39 L
8ths 20-20 D 9H 14-30 L
9ths 42-26 W 8A 44-59 L
10ths 20-32 L 8B 35-32 W
11ths Cancelled 8C 35-33 W
12ths Cancelled 8D 22-24 L
13ths Cancelled 8E 18-44 L
14ths Cancelled 8F 12-47 L
10A 62-50 W 8G 16-25 L
10B 40-43 L 8H 4-36 L
10C 35-38 L 8I 42-18 W
10D 41-44 L 8J 20-22 L
10E 29-24 W 7A 53-41 W
10F 36-35 W 7B 43-31 W
10G 29-23 W 7C 16-38 L
10H 8-42 L 7D 20-36 L
7E 36-15 W
22 wins, 23 losses, 1 Draws 7F 8-9 L
7G 25-14 W
7H 16-6 W
7I 12-16 L
7J 33-2 W

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