A career supporting students and staff

A career supporting students and staff

While Trinity’s Technical and Applied Studies Head of Faculty, Carlos Ramos, was inspired to pursue a career in education during his own schooling career, department leading was a natural progression of his passion for working with and supporting staff.

Mr Ramos joined Trinity at the beginning of 2022 after a 25 year career in teaching Technical and Applied Studies (TAS). After starting his career in the public system in 1997, he moved into the Catholic system for a period of 17 years, during which he became the Coordinator of TAS. 

“It happened by chance, as I covered the position for a few terms and ended up becoming the permanent TAS coordinator,” Mr Ramos said.

“I then moved to my first Independent school as TAS Coordinator for six years, and am now at Trinity Grammar School as the Head of Faculty.”

Being raised in a building family, and having enjoyed woodworking and technical drawing subjects during his own schooling career, Mr Ramos knew that his interest in the making process, as well as using tools and machinery, made a career in teaching TAS a clear fit. However, it was his interest in the bigger picture of education that led him to a department lead role at Trinity.

“Trinity has a vast array of experiences for the students, from co-curricular to an array of different sports. To me, this shows that the school is very much interested in educating the whole person.”

His passion to work alongside and to support staff within a well-appointment department also made Trinity an exciting prospect for Mr Ramos. 

“The staff is great, from the teaching staff to the assistants. They are all very knowledgeable about what they are doing and always willing to help each other and students.

“The facilities which Trinity has at the teachers’ and students’ disposal are very impressive. The latest technology is at hand for both students and teachers to use, which always makes teaching TAS fun and interesting.”

While Mr Ramos is excited about what Trinity has to offer its staff, he is also passionate about the opportunity that a department lead role offers him to use his skills and experience to benefit the School. 

I saw it as a great opportunity to work in a school like Trinity,” Mr Ramos said.

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