Volleyball Report vs Knox

Volleyball Report vs Knox

Trinity defeated Knox 3-0 (25-15) (25-20) (25-15)

The Trinity 1sts shined last Saturday. The two highlights of this game saw Keshav Baldeo (12He) put his body on the line to get every ball that came his way, allowing the setters to utilise every attack option and the pairing of Keagan Tran (12WH) and Martin Wong (12Ta) providing a killing attack in the outside position leaving the Knox side baffled as they blinked and the ball passed them.

The first set was one of the most successful sets in Trinity Volleyball’s history as the Trinity momentum continued to build as the points racked up. The most energy exerted on the court by this team. The biggest takeaway from this set was Patrick Mansfield’s (12Ke) endurance in the middle position, jumping his highest for every hit and every block, shutting down the Knox attack. The end of the set allowed a brief reflection to occur within the team, we had played at a level we had not anticipated. The coaches reminded us that we need to ensure that we hold this level from the start of each match and not just wait for the game to tie up.

The second set saw a slight bump in the road as Knox wasn’t giving up without a fight. The Trinity side was down for the majority of the set until Josh Munter (11Hi) unleashed his monster blocks, providing the momentum for Tyrone Ponggun (12WH) to make the Knox side lose control of the pass with his expertly placed serves.

Another slow start to the third set as the energy dropped on the court, this was until David Tsai (12Ho) exposed a gap between the Knox blockers and hit the ball straight through the seam. The Trinity boys fought hard to maintain their lead in the third set as Knox knew that this was their last chance to obtain a win. The final set concluded with multiple hits and well placed serves from David Tsai.

The first set showed the 1sts VI that if we focus on our one goal, to win the next point, we will see a successful season. With the biggest win in the season around our belt, the challenge for the Trinity 1sts is to maintain this momentum against Cranbrook next week and to ensure that we hold our competition level at the highest we can for every set, not just the ones that fall close in score.

Steven Yarad (12Mu) | 1sts VI Captain

Knox defeated Trinity 2-0 (26-28) (12-25)

The 2nd VI came out strong again as they have done each week with a strong first set. The set was neck and neck with Knox getting the 2-point lead in the end. However, after some struggles with serving and accuracy in the second set, Knox came out victorious. After a tough season the 2nds VI are hoping to get their first win against Cranbrook this Saturday before shifting to the Winter season.

Knox defeated Trinity 2-1 (16-25) (18-25) (25-20)

The 3rd VI was up against a tough Knox team, the boys stood strong and played sound Trinity volleyball. It’s fantastic to see how much this team has improved throughout the season with many boys playing their first CAS Volleyball competition this season. Whilst not securing the win the boys were proud in how they played and humble in defeat. The Thirds are hoping to lock in another win against Cranbrook to finish off their fantastic season.

Mikaela White | Summer Volleyball Coordinator

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