TGSACU – A welcome return to Cadet Parades at Trinity

TGSACU – A welcome return to Cadet Parades at Trinity

The sun broke through the clouds early on Wednesday morning and we were very happy to welcome Meriden cadets and staff back to Trinity this week for our first full Unit parade since our Ceremonial Parade last year in June.

Falling back into routine, our ‘new’ Cadet Exec members were very proud to stand before our Unit of more than 500 cadets on TGS No. 1 for our opening Parade.

While cadets attended their lessons in First Aid and Navigation, preparing them for our Annual Field Training (AFT22) exercise at the end of this term, senior cadets worked with staff on the finer details of activity planning for AFT22.

Staying on after Parade, our RSM has commenced Drill Squad training with nearly 50 cadets, breaking into smaller groups for practice for Anzac Day commemorations, general drill and more specialised training in preparation for the CAS Drill Competition next term.

After so long in Teams meetings and communicating with messages, it is great to see our Unit parading together once again.

SUO Eric Mihas | TGSACU

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