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Sports News | Preparatory School

Basketball 4C | 5th March 2022

On a wet and drizzly morning, we made our way up to Hornsby to play against Barker College. Our team was feeling confident as we have been on a winning streak. We started strongly, passing well and using simple moves to take the lead. We were defending well and getting lots of rebounds and taking our opportunities to get some baskets. At half time we were leading 11-0. In the second half we had to run to the foul line to give us more of a challenge. We won the game with a final score of 20-2. We have been playing well as a team and we are looking forward to the next round!

Written by Daniel Farah


Cricket Saturday | 5th March 2022

On the 5th of March 2022 there was probably only one game played in all of Sydney. Even this game almost did not go ahead due to various amounts of students having to isolate, or who were away, or the genuine fear of the ground not being playable. Fortunately, the synthetic turf at the Summer Hill Campus obliged and the rain held off and the game went ahead with the Year 6 team consisting of boys from both the A and B sides.

On this particular day the cricket world, having been left mourning the loss of Rodney Marsh just one day prior, woke to the news that Shane Warne too had passed. This is terribly sad news and was all the boys could talk about as they arrived at the ground.

Before the start of play, both teams met in the middle and observed a moment of silence to acknowledge the loss of two legends of the game and pay our respects.

The game itself, although it did end in a heavy defeat for the Year 6 boys, paled in significance to this moment as the two opponents stood appreciating this moment in history taking the responsibility to do so at possibly the only game played in Sydney.

Mr Stephen Mugridge | MiC Cricket

Saturday Sport Results

Round 4 | 5th March 2022

Year 5 & 6 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
1st V 1st V Cranbrook
Score 24 51
Best and Fairest Domenic Alvaro
Encouragement Owen Hoang
2nd V 2nd V Cranbrook
Score 10 36
Best and Fairest Lucas Cheng
Encouragement Elijah Ayad
3rd V 3rd V Cranbrook
Score 15 34
Best and Fairest Paul Arronis
Encouragement Timmy Zhao
4th V 4th V Cranbrook
Score 14 24
Best and Fairest Veer Singh
Encouragement Billy Paradisis
5th V 5th V Cranbrook
Score 14 6
Best and Fairest Andy Xu
Encouragement Rayhan Behi
6th V 6th V Cranbrook
Score 16 0
Best and Fairest Damon Hua
Encouragement Kerry Chen
7th V 7th V Cranbrook
Score 4 42
Best and Fairest Michael Essen
Encouragement Daniel Huang
8th V 8th V Cranbrook
Score 12 15
Best and Fairest Ben Paton
Encouragement Isaac Liu
Year 4 Basketball
Team Trinity Prep Opponent
4A V 4A V Barker
Score 11 20
Best and Fairest Roman Fotheringham
Encouragement Charlie Stevenson
4B V 4B V Barker
Score 8 18
Best and Fairest Jacob Xu
Encouragement Knox
4C V 4C V Barker
Score 18 2
Best and Fairest Alex Cho
Encouragement Daniel Farrah
4D V 4D V Barker
Score 18 2
Best and Fairest Joseph Obaid
Encouragement Elvis Ye
Year 5 & 6 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
Year 6 A/B Year 6 Kings 6A
Score 9/21 4/216
Best and Fairest Jacob Polorotoff
Encouragement Roman Urbano
6B 6B Cancelled
5A 5A Cancelled
5B 5B Cancelled
Year 4 Cricket
Team Trinity Opponent
4A 4A Cancelled
Touch Football
Team Trinity Opponent
Team A A Cancelled
Team B B Redlands
Score 4 4
Best and Fairest Sebastian Vanges
Encouragement Rory Ashcroft
Yr 5 & 6 Trinity Opponent
Single Game 1 Yianni Pahos Kings
Score 4 1
Single Game 2 Marcus Nguyen Kings
Score 5 0
Single Game 3 Victor Bao Kings
Score 5 0
Single Game 4 Jake Lim Kings
Score 3 2
Single Game 5 Nicholas Khouzame Kings
Score 5 0
Single Game 6 Laurier Chen Kings
Score 3 2
Single Game 7 Marcus Du Kings
Score 3 2
Doubles Game 1 Yianni Pahos & Marcus Nguyen Kings
Score 7 0
Doubles Game 2 Laurier Chen & Nicholas Khouzame Kings
Score 4 3
Doubles Game 3 Victor Bao & Jake Lim Kings
Score 6 1
Doubles Game 4 Nicholas Khouzame & Marcus Du Kings
Score 5 2
Best and Fairest Yianni Pahos
Encouragement Jake Lim
Intra-School Sport
Team Team 1 Team 2
Intra-Sport Cancelled

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