Preparatory School Debating

Preparatory School Debating

The topic for this week was, That We Should Ban the Sale of Red Meat. Trinity was affirmative while Barker was negative. Trinity mainly focused on health and environmental benefits while Barker focused on the community and how it would be for them to adapt to the new changes. We had a very close match against Barker College, but ultimately Barker came out on top, however, we got some very useful feedback that we plan to use to improve our debating.

Ethan, our first speaker, came out with a very reasonable and logical model that gave us a benchmark in the rest of the debate. He came out with an argument stating that if we don’t need as many cows, that means there would be less cow-breeding leading to improved green-house gases, due to the methane from the cow .

Our second speaker Christian, rebutted almost all of the first negative’s arguments. He also stated some general statistics like how most heart issues were from an overload of iron, which is in red meat.

Rory, our third speaker tried to rebut their whole case while also giving a summary that fortified our arguments, but the negative team came back with a strong argument to all of our reasons.

Overall, this debate was very enjoyable and close, and has opened many learning opportunities that we hope to take aboard!

By Adam and Chenyu

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