Year 10 Careers Programme

In our Year 10 Careers Sessions we have been using a ‘Careers Mood Board’ template to encourage students to start the process of identifying what information they need to help them with preparations for making decisions about course and work applications. In particular we have been focussing on the two elements representing internal and external growth.

Information shared in our careers sessions is an example of external growth. That is, the acquisition of data from external sources – the processes to be followed to make applications, details of different courses, timelines for deadlines etc. We have been exploring industry expectations of employees, and considering the changes to the workforce as a result of COVID-19. We have looked at the way young people in particular have been impacted due to their high representation in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

As well, we learnt that the most popular courses applied for at universities this year were related to the health industry. Encouraging your sons to be aware of influences on the world of work will help them understand the way their skills and interests can be incorporated into their choices for courses when they finish school.

Internal growth comes from being more self aware, and in the past week, Year 10 students have participated in the Morrisby Careers Profile Activity. We look forward to bringing Year 10 parents and their sons together next Monday, 14 March in the Assembly Hall to provide information about this activity and how to understand your son’s unique career profile.


Courses and contacts

Please refer to Courses & Contacts for details of courses and contacts that may be of interest to you and your sons.

Susan Draysey | Careers and Student Pathways Advisor


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