Water Polo | Round 3

Water Polo | Round 3


Last Saturday Trinity played Waverley College in CAS Round 3. It was a successful day for Trinity with eight victories and three losses experienced across the board. After three rounds of CAS competition the following six teams remain undefeated: 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII, 16A, 14A, 13A. This weekend, Trinity faces our biggest competition yet, with fixtures against CAS Water Polo heavyweights, Knox Grammar School. The fixtures are an exciting opportunity for Trinity and will inevitably decide many CAS premierships. As always, I wish all Trinity teams the best of luck as they face these challenging matches.

Team Opponent Result Score
1sts Waverley W 41 – 3
2nds Waverley W 27 – 5
3rds St. Aloysius’ 4ths W 16 – 2
16A Waverley W 13 – 6
16B Waverley W 12 – 3
16C Cranbrook 16B L 3 – 11
15A Waverley L 8 – 11
14A Waverley W 19 – 3
14B Waverley L 7 – 19
13A Waverley W 15 – 1
13B Barker W 9 – 0

Seamus Rodden | Director of Water Polo

1ST VII | WON 41 – 3

The 1st VII team, who are building in confidence each week, displayed both a superb defensive effort and a very strong attacking game last Saturday. A relentless press defence with Trinity players sitting high in the passing lanes forced a number of turnovers which led to many counter-attacking opportunities. Accurate team passing with strong leg positioning allowed players to capitalise on these chances. This was the third successive victory for the team and they will take great confidence with these pleasing results moving forward. This Saturday is the feature match of the season against the reigning CAS Premiers Knox Grammar School. Trinity experienced a narrow victory in the U/17CAS Trials 7 goals to 6 four weeks ago and will look to turn around last year’s result to Knox Grammar School in front of a home crowd at the Trinity Centenary Pool. Knox Grammar School won this subsequent fixture held at Knox Grammar School last season by one goal, 10 goals to 11. The game shapes up to be a close encounter to be decided by the finest of margins.

Mr Rodden | Coach


2ND VII | WON 27 – 5

Again, playing against a less than competitive team, Trinity ran out comfortable winners against Waverley College. For most of the game it was a reasonable performance, a 6-0 first period, 14-2 at half-time, 17-5 at three-quarter time and then a 9-0 final quarter to produce a final score of 27-5. It was disappointing to see Trinity’s defence make some really basic errors and allow Waverley to score five goals, particularly in the third period where Waverley scored three goals to Trinity’s three, so similar to last week, a very poor third period. This needs to improve. Continuing his outstanding goal scoring performances, Finn Ramanuskas (11Ke) at Centre Forward slotted home ten goals. Of course, he is only able to do this if the team can deliver the ball to him at the appropriate time, and the team is to be congratulated for achieving this. Lewis Potter (12Fo) and Luke de Lisle (12Ke) played well in attack and defence, controlling most situations, while William Rule (12Ar) had his best game so far using his speed to great effect. The other goal scorers for Trinity were William Rule (12Ar) and Luke de Lisle (12Ke) with five each, Lewis Potter (12Fo), Samuel Foung (11Se) and Justin Karam (12We) with two each and Thomas Power (11Mu) with one.

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


3RD VII | WON 16 – 2

Round 3 of the CAS Season saw Trinity host St. Aloysius’ College, in what was a solid team performance from the home side. The match started with the Green Caps doing a great job at closing down the visitors’ transitional play. Credit must be given to wingers Miles Brigham (11WH) and Billy Parsonage (11Ta) who worked tirelessly out wide throughout the game. This allowed the home team to launch its own counterattacks and after a flurry of goals in the second quarter, Trinity at the halftime break had a commanding 11-0 lead. The second half saw a more controlled performance with both Jonah Sowmi (12We) and James Boulougouris (11St) doing a good job at facilitating play in both attack and defence. Goalkeeper, Evan Tong (11 Fo), was excellent throughout the match, while Centre Forward Curtis Sioulas (12 La) caused problems for the St. Aloysius’ defenders all game. In the end, Trinity finished the contest with a comfortable 16-2 win, from which every player can take plenty of positives as we head into next week’s Round 4 clash against Knox Grammar School.

Mr Di Paola | Coach


16A | WON 13 – 6

The 16A team played well against Waverley College from the first moment of concentrated play to become very aggressive in defence. All season we have trained with a defensive line, and the truth is, we have stolen many balls to come out very strongly with counterattacking. Outstanding players have been Zachariah Alshehabi (10Du), Marcus Cupac (9He) and Lachlan Rathbone (9Ke) who also stood out, stealing many balls and going on the counterattack and scoring goals. I am very happy with the attitude of the team.

Mr Bonca | Coach


16B | WON 12 – 3

This week the Trinity 16Bs showed their competitive nature with a respectable win over a tough Waverley College side. The first half saw Jonah de Groot (10Ar) all over the opposition, having many steals and scoring an impressive six goals. However, these goals were off the back of a strong press defence from the rest of the team. Aiden Iliadis (10Ta) showed off his shot improvement, scoring a goal off the back of a great steal. The third quarter was more difficult with no goals being scored. That said, this pushed the boys to fight harder in the fourth quarter. Xavier Alfonso (10We) showed this drive with a perfect backhand shot, illustrating his power at centre forward. Aiden Iliadis also scored two more goals whilst Callum Cox (9St) was able to show his ability to drive forward by scoring one of his own goals. The final score was 12-3 and the boys should be very proud of their effort within this game.

Oscar Jones | Coach


16C | LOSS 3 – 11

Last Saturday the 16Cs played the Cranbrook 16Bs at Trinity Pool 1.  They drew the first quarter 2-2 with both goals by Jonathan Ucchino (10WH). The boys played well, with spread-out positioning in attack and strong saves by William Brown (10DU). The boys played competitively in the second quarter, only allowing two goals due to a strong full press defence. However, they were overwhelmed in the third quarter by several quick sprints from the opposition which were converted into easy goals. They recovered somewhat in the last quarter and were able to slow the play down and better retain possession.

Ms Seeto | Coach


15A | LOSS 8 – 11

In a very tough game Trinity went down to Waverley College 8-11. This was always going to be a difficult game for Trinity, with two players unavailable due to swimming commitments giving Trinity only one reserve. This really tested the players’ fitness with fewer rested players during the quarters. To compound this, Waverley had four of their 16A team backing up, two of whom scored eight of Waverley’s goals. Thus, the performance of the Trinity team can be seen as very creditable. A slow start by Trinity saw Waverley up 2-0 at the end of the first quarter and this trend continued with Waverley up 7-3 at half time and, again, up 9-3 going into the last period. In the final period Trinity showed some real fight, outscoring Waverley 5 to 2 giving a final score line 11 to 8. Best for Trinity were Ben Sulyok (9Sc) and David Simmons (9Ar) who did not stop working the entire game, being the mainstay of our attack and then covering for others in defence. Yet again Trinity’s Goalie, Matty Weston English (9Ta), had a great game making many fine saves. A special mention to Matteo Pezzano (9Fo) who only came to life in the latter part of the game scoring four goals. Other goal scorers were Ben Sulyok (9Sc) with three and Jacob Michail (9Hi) with one. Well done, Trinity!

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


14A | WON 19 – 3

The team started very strongly in both defensive and offensive aspects in their game against Waverley College. The defence has also been a very in-line defence, whereby players are able to jump and steal the ball to come out very strongly on the counterattack, although we do have to practice more extra man plays. Those who stood out in the game were Sterling Tuxford (8WH), Nik Shoefer (8Ta), Hudson Myliotis (8Yo) and Joshua Jeung (8He). The team attitude is a positive one.

Mr Bonca | Coach


14B  | LOSS 7 – 19

The 14Bs had a difficult week facing a strong and fast Waverley College side. However, the boys kept playing as hard as they could until the last whistle in an attempt to come back. Peter Galonan (8St) illustrated this by scoring three magnificent goals in the second half of the game, whilst Will Jenkins (8Hi) was able to illustrate his power, scoring three goals of his own which no goalkeeper could have saved. Due to the regular goalkeeper having an injury, Oliver Ware (8Yo) had to step up and did a brilliant job at that saving many strong shots. Daniel Vilate-Gallagher (8Ke) demonstrated again his strength in centre forward scoring a goal of his own. However, due to a lack of awareness, the opposition were able to score many goals off counter attacking which left the final score at 7-18 to the Waverley side.

Mr Jones | Coach


13A | WON 15 – 1

In a quality display of attacking Water Polo, Trinity ran out winners 15 to 1 against Waverley College. Throughout the entire game all Trinity players played well, especially in defence, whereby all were able to get themselves in the correct defensive positions. The game started with total dominance by Trinity largely due to Oliver Varone (7He) scoring five of his six goals in the first quarter. From that point on, Trinity were always in total control of the game. Showing a maturity beyond his years, Oliver Varone for the remainder of the game stayed back and dished the ball off to others to score goals and nullified much of Waverley’s attack. Christian Di Giandomenico (7He) and Kavin Sivapirabu (7Hi) were also solid in defence and attack with both scoring three goals each. The other goal scorers were Zac Bachir (7Mu), Samedia Chirravuri (7Mu) and Joshua Kang (7We) all scoring one each. It is good to continue with this effort in future games.

Mr Swinnerton | Coach


13B | WON 9 – 0

It is always great to win, but especially when something greater is achieved against Barker College, when the goals are more evenly distributed between all the players, rather than there being just a couple of players scoring. For me, this is a clear sign of encouragement and devotion from all players. There was momentum, situational awareness, attention, and in overwhelming numbers efficient passes in our last game. I really have to praise the work our team put into this game. It was very exciting to see how every individual team player put his effort and skills into this win. I have to point out the great work of our defence which is inevitable in maintaining great backup for a winning team. Instead of listing all of our scorers, I would like to acknowledge the great defence work by Hugo Verguizas (7Ke), Luka Matic (7Ta), Leith Graham (7Mu), Ethan Peng (7St) and Max Bohle (7We) as well as our goalies Vasili Pappas (7Du) and Jonathan Webb (7Hi). All the physical work and concentration we put into the training sessions paid us back greatly in our counter attacks as well as our practiced setup scenarios. Next time, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills against a stronger opponent at Knox Grammar School.

Mr Malyusz | Coach

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