Volleyball News

Volleyball News

Summer Volleyball hosted their first home fixture last Saturday with an exciting matchup against the competitive St Aloysius’ College.

The Third VI held on to finish with a win 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 24-23). The team played with consistency and composure, continuing to improve as the match progressed. Many of the students in the Thirds are playing their very first season of volleyball and it is exciting to see their rapid improvement and passion for the game thrive.

The Second VI unfortunately were not victorious, going down 2-1 (23-25, 25-18, 20-23). A win in the second set gave the players a much-needed boost going into the third set. St Aloysius’ came out strong in the third set, playing well throughout and unfortunately Trinity couldn’t match their energy. However, the coaches and students have come away from the loss with a positive attitude.

Trinity defeated St. Aloysius’ 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-17)

In the second game of the season, the 1st VI couldn’t seem to find their rhythm in the start of the game. After going down by four points without scoring, the Trinity team managed to shake off the rust and find their routines. Key placement of his spikes, Martin Wong (12Ta) broke the St. Aloysius’ streak with a powerful hit down the line, threatening the safety of the audience as they protected themselves from being hit. After successful plays to equal the score, the team dropped their energy and St. Aloysius’ took advantage of this. From being down by six points, Josh Munter’s (11Hi) strong and consistent serving managed to give the Trinity team a well needed 10 points in his streak. With a strong back line hitter playing for St. Aloysius’, the Trinity team were forced to utilise a foreign concept to them, the triple block. The consistent effort of David Tsai (12Ho) to close the gap between the blocks aided the passers as more of the court was blocked to the hitter.

Another rocky start in the second set for the Firsts VI as the team found themselves in an unwanted rotation. However, Keagan Tran’s (12WH) consistent setting gave the hitters the best options to attack, as seen with Alex Saba’s (12WJ) hits cross court. The pairing of pinpoint accuracy with setting and the power of our attacks is what allowed Trinity to get out of the rotation and leave St. Aloysius’ stunned, trying to catch-up with their score. Imran Parker’s (10We) passing in the back court assisted the setters in setting up the hitters for powerful spikes. Keshav Baldeo (12He) showed his eagerness to be the best libero in Trinity with his hustle from the back of the court to the front of the court to support our hitters when they were shown resistance from the block.

The third set saw the Trinity side off to a good start, the score was back and forth between the two teams until Patrick Mansfield (12Ke) showed his dominance in the middle position, hitting the ball too quickly for the opposing blockers to react, giving the team the momentum it needed. Tyrone Ponggun (12WH) presented his serving power with key placements, making the St. Aloysius’ passers run across the court to dig the ball. As the score was kept even throughout the third set, Tim Braga’s (11Du) enthusiasm did not waver as he continued to maximise his jump with every opportunity that arose.

Several points were lost due to Trinity’s serving as a few players pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to improve on a sophisticated serving style. This should be encouraged for every player as even though we may lose a few points here and there, in the long run, we will improve. Patrick Mansfield and Martin Wong showed that today. The First VI have only a few more games for the Summer season. I would encourage all the players to push themselves no matter the score, as if we constantly push ourselves, we can only improve.

Steven Yarad (12Mu) | 1sts VI Captain

Mikaela White | Sports Operations Specialist


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