News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

The Field Studies Programme stepped up a gear in terms of the physical challenge element of the experience during Weeks 3 and 4, with all four pastoral groups tackling the Coollendell loop in Morton National Park. This hike requires the boys to pull together all of the skills that they have developed in subsequent weeks, to navigate through a beautiful off-track section of the park, adjacent to the Shoalhaven River. Grady’s Hill and Durkin’s Spur are two of the formidable features that the boys encounter on the trip that provide an excellent opportunity to develop ‘map to ground’ navigation skills. During the FSP the students participate in several multi-day expeditions in nearby National Parks and State Forests. As the weeks progress, the challenges increase and lead into the final six-day pinnacle pack and paddle expedition.

This week the Academic Team organised two guest speakers to attend the site to speak about some of the innovations that are occurring in the Shoalhaven region. Pia Weinberg spoke about the emerging aquaculture industry and the incredible health benefits associated with incorporating seaweed into our diets.  Local farmer Ian Zanstra also attended to speak about the methane gas powerplant that his dairy farm provides manure to fuel, and the myriad of benefits that this type of technology can bring to our nation as we look towards a greener future.

The boys will again be in contact with their families via MS Teams this weekend and I am sure that their list stories to relive and reflect upon, will be even larger.  Sunday 13 March is Family Visiting Day for Field Studies Programme 1. We will see a shift to this being a fully onsite experience at the Woollamia Campus that is in line with the COVID-19 Safety Plan developed for the event. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic rug and food items with them and find their own space on the 110-acre property to enjoy the time with their son. Activity displays on the day will include Mountain Biking, a Basketball Tournament, a Ping Pong Tournament and an Archery demonstration.

The Woollamia Campus has recently partnered with All Saints Community Care (ASCC) which is a registered charity associated with All Saints Church in Nowra. ASCC offers groceries, vouchers, energy bills assistance, pharmacy assistance as well as an advocacy service. We are asking that families bring along a small number of non-perishable food items on the day that we can donate to ASCC. These donations will go a long way in terms of supporting the great work that this organisation does to help vulnerable people in the Shoalhaven. The boys in the Paddock to Plate Co-Curricular group are also hoping to sell some items that have been produced and collected by the Paddock to Plate co-curricular group on the day, with proceeds directed to the charity.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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