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Library News | Junior School

This week in the Library we have been looking at some great books that have been helpful for the boys’ learning in their Units of Inquiry, Who We Are.

Year Two looked at Tai Snaith’s beautifully illustrated book Slow down, world. Boys reflected on the different relationships they have with people in our community, and drew these in various groupings. They then indicated on a continuum whether they felt that all of these relationships and activities made life feel busy. Slow down, world is a book that helps the reader to be appreciative of all that we have and provides age appropriate strategies for mindfulness and in turn, thankfulness.

Year Three tackled the idea of how we can still be cooperative with each other, despite how we are feeling. The boys drew ten circles or rectangles on a piece of paper and attempted to list a different feeling for each shape. They then chose a colour to match that feeling and shared why they chose this. Richard Jones’ book Inside my heart and in my head… Feelings allows for helpful discussions about our different feelings and how we can acknowledge and manage them.

These books are available for borrowing in the Junior School Library.

Mrs Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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