COVID 19 restrictions ease in schools from Monday 28 February, 2022

COVID 19 restrictions ease in schools from Monday 28 February, 2022

As most families will be aware, there have been further announcements made about the relaxation of COVID-restrictions in schools. The key issues for us are as follows:

Masks are no longer required for all Senior and Middle School staff and students. While masks are no longer mandated, staff and students may continue to choose to wear a mask. However, masks are required indoors for all Junior School and Preparatory School staff. Masks are strongly recommended indoors for primary students.

Masks continue to be mandatory on public and mass transport for everyone twelve years and older.

Regular surveillance testing of staff and students will not be required, but all staff and students are being issued with eight additional government-provided tests to be used when symptomatic or for peace of mind.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 must still notify both Service NSW and the School of the positive test result. Students who are household contacts of confirmed cases must continue to isolate for seven days.

From Monday, restrictions around parental visitors onsite are being loosened. The School will gradually reintroduce contexts in which parents come onsite, maintaining particular caution around large-scale events that could mingle parents with students. Information regarding particular events and the usual routines will be provided by the Heads of Campus in due course.

From Monday, the Service NSW QR code check-in and proof of vaccination will no longer be required by visitors to the School. However, proof of vaccination is still required of employees, contractors and volunteers.

Obviously, we continue to urge members of the community to be vigilant for symptoms, not to attend the School if unwell, and continue to be cautious where possible with reference to ventilation, physical distancing, and hand hygiene. We should all continue to assume that we are coming into contact with the coronavirus, and monitor accordingly.

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