Prep | Kindergarten News

Prep | Kindergarten News

Welcome to Kindergarten!

We have had a wonderful start to the year and are looking forward to an exciting term of learning and growth ahead.

Since beginning Kindergarten, we have been inquiring into the Transdisciplinary theme ‘Who We Are’. ‘Who We Are’ is a year-long inquiry and will encompass our GROWTH programme. One of the key concepts that will drive our inquiry is responsibility. Through play, class discussions and small group work we have been exploring what it means to be responsible so we can all learn together. The boys have been learning how to organise themselves every morning by looking after their belongings. Please help your son develop his self-management skills at home. Take the time to help him organise his bag independently, dress himself and read the timetable ready for the day.

We have also been discussing the Learner profile attribute, caring. Through play, story books and discussions we have been thinking how we can sprinkle kindness around Trinity Grammar School. Here are some responses:

  • “We can play with boys who have been at home a long time. To welcome back. They will feel happy.”
  • “We can be kind to help them learn.”
  • “Be kind by controlling myself when I move.” 
  • “We can make cards for people who are sick.”
  • “If someone falls over, we can pick them up.”
  • “Look at your face when I say hello Mrs Bailey.”
  • “We use our manners. When someone gives you something you say thank you and please.”

The first term of Kindergarten is one of transition. The boys are engaging in new routines and learning to interact with one another in various environments and contexts. As the boys navigate through this period, there are, inevitably, times where issues need to be resolved. The development of social skills are essential for the boys to thrive in a variety of environments, develop resilience, and adapt to new and unexpected situations. Our current focus for the boys is to apply a range of social skills to promote positive interactions with other people.

The Power of Play

Research suggests that play and play-based experiences are vital for young children’s development. Play promotes problem solving, language acquisition skills, collaboration and creativity. Furthermore, play supports social-emotional and self-regulation skills that help to build executive function and a prosocial brain. Play should be spontaneous and involve experimenting. We encourage all boys to engage in a variety of play-based experiences at home including active physical play, imaginative play, playdates with others and play with traditional toys.

At home you might like to play board games (and not let your son win). Encourage imaginative play including dressing up and repurposing of common household items. Can your son use a wooden spoon as a microphone? What else could it be? Imaginative play develops higher order creative thinking skills.

Celebrations: Lunar New Year

Kindy was very excited when we had special visitors to the Prep School to celebrate Lunar New Year – a Lion Dance! In Chinese culture, lions symbolise power, wisdom and superiority. Lion Dances are an important tradition to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year. The boys made connections with their own celebrations, and shared stories with the class.


Kindy had a fabulous start in Classroom Music beginning with a discussion about the Music Essential Agreement. During the Who We Are Unit of Inquiry they have found their singing voice again by learning the words and melody to the School Song. They have also been developing written music notation on the board from known songs to demonstrate their understanding of rhythm and in particular ta and titi.  Being creative with their movements to music when dancing enables them to demonstrate the music elements of dynamics (louds and softs) form and beat.

Pre-Kindergarten Uniforms

Do you have any Pre-Kindergarten uniforms from last year that you no longer need?

Pre-Kindergarten would love any used uniform donations to restock the ‘spare clothes’ supply.

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