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Library News | Junior School

Library Lover’s Day

This week the Junior School Library enjoyed celebrating Library Lover’s Day with our staff and students. The boys were encouraged to borrow from our display of love themed books, and to share the books they love. Our staff enjoyed a Library Lover’s morning tea, complete with cookies, ‘blind date’ mystery book borrowing, and sharing their favourite love quotes from books.

Scholastic Book Club

Orders for Issue 1 of Book Club close today (Friday 18 February). All orders placed will be shipped next week, and we will deliver them to your son/s classrooms when they arrive. Wishing them happy reading!

Teaching and Learning spotlight: Sources of information

Years 4-6 are focusing on developing their research skills in our Library/UOI lessons this term. We have spent the past few weeks inquiring into sources of information. From brainstorming different sources of information to creating their own categories for these sources, learning about primary and secondary sources and placing the sources on a reliability continuum, the boys have been challenged to consider the reliability, accuracy, variety and validity of the information they find.

We are looking forward to continuing our learning journey by examining methods we can use to determine the relevance, accuracy, validity and reliability of different types of sources, and use these methods to analyse historical sources of information. Finally, the students will consider the meaning and importance of academic honesty, and implement these skills in creating their own bibliographies for current and future UOI assessments.

Miss Gratton | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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