Academic Focus

Academic Focus

Welcome to the new academic year

Welcome to 2022! It is wonderful to have students on campus to begin a new academic year. A particular welcome is extended to the students and families of Year 7 – we are thrilled to have you join with us for this important phase of your learning journeys.

I have often written, at beginning points such as this, about the power of the new start, and it was encouraging to hear that truth explored by Joshua Hanna on Thursday morning Quad Assembly. As Joshua reflected, at Trinity, our focus is upon personal growth and stepping deliberately into challenge, even when we encounter obstacles and failures that require us to reset. This deeply characterises our approach to teaching and learning. There are four domains in which we will foster, and expect to see, every student grow:

His capacity for deliberate engagement;

His skills to manage deep learning;

His disposition to embrace challenge;

His expanding repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills.

A student’s development is equally important in each of these areas, and the ordering above is intentional. Learning success and a trajectory of improvement must begin with taking responsibility to engage with lessons and teachers, it is premised upon understanding of concepts rather than rote learning of information, it is fuelled by a personal willingness to step into challenge and find resilience to overcome setbacks, and, finally, it is evidenced in mastery of the knowledge and understanding set out in the school curriculum. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will write more fully about each of these growth domains at Trinity. As a starting point, however, I encourage every student and family to reflect upon the kinds of behaviours for deliberate engagement they will implement as they begin a new year. What kinds of routines, checklists, commitments need to be made to ensure best possible learning outcomes at the end of this academic year? What goals will you set for yourself?

On a practical note, assessment schedules and programmes will be available on the school’s community website in the coming days; all families will receive an email with the appropriate website link very shortly. In addition, the schedules for the Senior School are printed and distributed to all students. These booklets contain essential information about assessment, including a link to the Trinity Grammar School Assessment Policy, and I encourage both parents and students to read the information carefully.

I wish every student a wonderful year of learning and a start of which they can be proud! As always, the Curriculum Office invites you to call if we can provide any clarification or assist you in any academic matter.

Deborah Williams | Academic Dean


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