School is bigger than you: Head Master’s Quad address

School is bigger than you: Head Master’s Quad address

Trinity’s first full quad assembly of the year was the perfect time to ask the question: why do we gather like this every morning?

Head Master Tim Bowden provided many reasons but perhaps the central one was: assemblies are a tangible reminder that the school is bigger than the individual.

“It’s part of the way we express the idea that the school experience is not just about me, it’s about us,” he told the first full Summer Hill quad assembly of 2022.

“It’s part of something bigger than yourself.”

As students gathered around the quad in their 16 House groups, he reminded them of the symbolic expression of connection with their Houses, and the pastoral care and peer support provided by House masters and leaders.

“It’s a smaller community within a larger community,” he said.

Mr Bowden said it was symbolically important to begin each assembly with a prayer.

“We pause before the hubbub of the day begins to remind ourselves that there is a God, that we are his creatures and we ask for his blessing in the tasks of the day ahead.”

He said assemblies had a functional purpose, giving students important practical information on the operations of the School.

They also provided opportunities for School leaders to address important issues, and for prizes and awards to be presented, acknowledging students who had achieved excellence in achievement and effort.

“It brings the School community together to honour them.”

Mr Bowden said his thoughts had been prompted by a query at a Christmas lunch about the need for daily assemblies, and how he had responded by riding his “hobby horse” like a “crazy uncle”.

Assemblies served at least one other important purpose.

“Welcome,” he told the School. “It is good to have you here.”

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