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Music News | Preparatory School

Concerto Competition

Well done to Lewis Wang, Cayden Tsang and Jaemin Yoo who were selected to present Finalist videos for the Concerto Competition.  All the boys have received invaluable feedback from Fiona Ziegler, Assistant Concertmaster of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on their performances.  Fiona mentioned she was so impressed by the standard of your students & the diligence and concentration of their presentation and performance. It was very hard to choose winners as each candidate performed so well and all deserve congratulations, especially in this difficult time of learning. Congratulations to Lewis Wang who won the Infants Section and a special mention to Cayden Tsang who was awarded a close second in the Junior Section.  

Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble Audition for 2022

Auditions for new students to the above ensembles will be held in Week 1 on Thursday 3rd February from 3:15pm-4:15pm in Studio 8 (Mrs Palmers Teaching Studio) Students are asked to prepare all requirements for the auditions.  If you could let Mrs Palmer (Chamber Orchestra) or Mrs Campbell (Chamber Ensemble) know before the end of this year if your son would like to audition that would be appreciated.

Ensemble Audition Requirements
Chamber Orchestra/Chamber Ensemble (new members only) Prepare one piece of your choice + learn The Third grade Violin scales: B major Scale + arpeggio (2 octaves) C melodic and harmonic minor Scales + arpeggio (2 octaves)   Or The Third grade Cello scales: E flat major Scale + arpeggio (2 octaves) C harmonic and melodic minor Scale + arpeggio (2 octaves) Sight reading: will be given at audition

Instrumental Music Tuition 2022

At the end of this year we will farewell Mrs Jay Tripolone after five years working at the Preparatory School. We would like to thank her for her assistance and support of our young musicians and wish her all the best as she pursues other teaching opportunities. We are presently interviewing for a replacement teacher in this program. Vacancies exist in the Private Tuition Instrumental Music Program for piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn and baritone lessons. New students to the Private Tuition Program please complete an enrolment form and email to Mrs Campbell asap.  

AMEB Theory of Music Exam Dates

After much negotiation the Grade 4 boys will be sitting their exam on Sunday 12th December at 9:30am, and Grade 3 on Sunday 19th December. Thanks so much to Mrs Trynes for continuing to support the boys in this long process. We wish them every success.  

Suzuki Music String Tuition

Parents and students of new and existing violin and cello students of the Suzuki Method are invited to view the following presentation from Ms Chan and Ms Vieira. The Suzuki Method is a holistic method of instrumental teaching that is based on the philosophy that every child has the potential to develop musical ability given the right environment, just as every child learns to speak their mother tongue in the supportive environment of their family. Emphasis is placed on training the musical ear from the beginning which is especially important for learning a string instrument. Suzuki music lessons are especially effective when children start early, and boys are able to enrol in lessons from Pre-Kindergarten. Students will receive one private lesson per week during school hours plus the opportunity to participate in Suzuki Group Classes held before school. If you wish to  enrol your son into this program for 2022 please contact Ms Lorraine Chan  

Mozart and Beethoven Strings 2022

To assist staff in placing boys in the correct position in the ensembles going forward, to enable invaluable performance experience and to ensure boys have a performance goal and focus over the break, members of Mozart and Beethoven Strings are asked to prepare one piece of music for each other at the first rehearsal in Week 2 in 2022. If you have any further questions please contact Mrs McCluney for Beethoven Strings and Ms Chan for Mozart Strings.  

Rehearsal Schedule for 2022

Please view the Music Co-curricular Rehearsal Schedule below. Trinity Singers, Primary Choir, Junior Choir and Concert Band rehearsals will be confirmed at the start of 2022 once we receive updated COVID advice from the School. I would like to express my thanks to Ms Nicole Smeulders for her work with all the choirs this year and to wish her all the very best during her time of leave to work with Opera Australia in 2022.  We look forward to her return in Semester 2 and in Semester 1 will welcome Ms Isabelle Keyser who will work with the choirs and assist with Classroom Music lessons.  All Ensembles will commence rehearsals in Week 2.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
Chapel Band 7:45 am – 8:30 am Mozart Room Mrs G. Campbell   Primary Choir 7:45am-8:25am Beethoven Room Ms I. Keyser   Suzuki Cello Group Class Studio 8 8am-8:30am Mrs A. McCluney Thanks Chamber Ensemble 7:30am – 8:30am Mozart Room Mrs G. Campbell   Percussion Ensemble 7:30am-8:30am Beethoven Room Mr A. Wallis   Suzuki Violin Group Class Studio 8 Ms L. Chan/Ms M. Vieira 8am-8:30am Trinity Singers  ALL  7:30am – 8:25am Mozart/Beethoven Rooms Ms I. Keyser/Mrs G. Campbell Trinity Singers  Part 1 7:45 am – 8:25 am Mozart Room Mrs G. Campbell Trinity Singers Part 2 7:45 am – 8:25 am Beethoven Room Ms I. Keyser
Guitar Ensemble Morning Break Music Studio 8 Mr S. Rocco   Creative Music Ensemble Second Break Beethoven Room Ms L. Chan/Mrs J. Swanton       Cello Ensemble Morning Break Music Studio 8 Mrs L. Palmer
    Beethoven Strings 3:15 pm-4pm Mozart Room Mrs A. McCluney/   Corelli Strings 3:15pm-3:45pm Christian Studies Ms Vieira   Mozart Strings 3:15pm-4pm Beethoven Room  Mrs L. Chan/Mrs J. Swanton Concert Band 3:25pm-4:15pm Beethoven Room Mr G. Malyusz/Mrs G. Campbell   Chamber Orchestra 3:15pm-4:15pm Mozart Room Mrs L. Palmer Junior Choir Year 2 Only 3pm-3:30pm Mozart Room Ms I. Keyser/Ms Welsh

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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