Basketball News

Basketball News

It was great to see 27 teams hit the court against Waverley on Saturday. There were some positive results, but that wasn’t the focus of the day; it was giving plenty of boys the opportunity to show their wares. Outside the Firsts and seconds the Opens were very good with the Thirds to Sevenths coming out on top. Expectedly, the Year 10s struggled due to a big chunk of the Year group away at Field Studies.

Basketball Uniform

Heading into the five CAS games in 2022, all boys from 2022 Years 8 to 11 will be expected to have the new Basketball uniform; only 2022 Year 12s are exempt, as they only have five games to go in their Basketball career at Trinity.

1st V Squad vs Waverley College

“An inconsistent Trinity struggle and go down to an athletic Waverley team.”

Trinity had their moments on a wet and dreary night in the Eastern Suburbs but failed to execute at key times, to fall by eight points in the end (57-65). James A. (11La) led the way early with 7 points in the opening quarter, but the Greens fell behind heading into the first break (14-19). Offensively, the Firsts are still finding their feet and again this showed in the second and third quarters. Nelson M. (11Ke) did a good job getting to the basket in late shot clocks to finish with 5 points in the second. Trinity were up against as they went into halftime down by ten points (25-35).

In a low scoring third period Trinity went on a run with James A. (11WH) finishing off some fast break baskets to score seven of Trinity’s nine points, after some smothering defence from Miles B. (8WJ) and Ollie O. (9Ho). Trinity were only able to peg back a single point (35-44) from the halftime deficit heading into the all-important fourth quarter. Waverley quickly extended their lead out to 15 points, before Trinity made another run on the back of some quick scores by Anson Z. (11Ke), which include a big ‘3’ from downtown to cut the lead to 7 points. For the second straight week rebounding proved Trinity’s Achilles heel as the Greens were dominated on the boards.

The Firsts will head to Shore next Saturday and with the return of the Year 9s from Field Studies Camp albeit with limited preparation, the Coaching staff are looking forward to seeing how they will fit into the equation.

Leading Players

J. Andrews – 14 pts. 4 rebs.

J. Arthur – 11 pts.

A. Zhou – 8 pts.

N. McEnallay-Mino – 7 pts.

1sts Highlights

2nd V Squad vs Waverley

The Seconds offensive structures looked great at the start of their game, but unfortunately the final piece of execution of putting the ball in the basket proved the problem across four quarters going down to Waverley by 21 points (22-43). Adam T. (10Mu) was the most potent on the offensive end and did a great job on the boards finishing with 8 points and 12 rebounds. In a scrappy first half, both teams were locked at halftime (11-11).

After the break Trinity’s offensive woes began to effect their defensive focus and Waverley began to extend their Kyle T. (10WH) and Sam P. (10WJ) tried to regain the momentum, but poor decisions with the ball caused too many turnovers to turn the tide. The Seconds are looking forward to the return of a couple of players back from injury, which should bolster their depth for the upcoming trail games that will round out the 2021.

2nds Highlights


3rd V

It was great to finally have a hit out against another School and to be able to implement plays that the group have been working on in Trinity’s strong 12 point victory. Pavle C. (10St) was outstanding underneath the basket at both ends of the court with solid teamwork. Denis P. (10Yo) did a great job controlling the possession and pushing the ball down court. The whole team moved the ball extremely well in transition, with Ryan G. (10Mu) enjoying the early ball scoring a game high 20 points.

4th V

Trinity got off to a fast start with Marc B. (10Mu) teaming up with Sam N. (10St) who was able to secure the ball from everywhere and together scoring 10 points and 17 points respectively. Joel M. (10Ta) dictated the play in his point guard position and Daniel L. (11We) was dominant under the basket in defence as Trinity powered ahead to take the game by 8 points.

5th V

The Greens set a tone and established an early lead thanks to the solid efforts of Oliver A. (10We) and Adrian O. (10St). The momentum continued, with Peter M. (10Mu) coming off the bench and dominating inside with a few buckets and a plethora or rebounds to extend the lead by half time. As the second half wore on, Waverley started gaining momentum to make it a 1 point game late. Stellar shooting from Andrew Y. (10Hi) who managed to knock down three 3-pointers in the second half alone and helped Trinity stave off Waverley’s comeback efforts, as they held on to record a 7 point victory.

6th V

Trinity established themselves early as they gained a lead in the first quarter of the game, thanks to aggressive and calculated offence from Brandon L. (10Ho) and Ari T. (10Ke). Overall energy on the defensive end and rebounds from Patrick W. (11La) helped the Sixths stay ahead at half time. In the second half, Waverley picked up their efforts and came storming back to take a slim lead late in the game. A few great defensive possessions saw the game tied with 5.2 second left. Following a Trinity time out, Patrick W. (11La) received a great pass within range, to score the go-ahead and winning basket. A foul on the buzzer saw Waverley have two free throw attempts to tie the game, splitting the pair and giving Trinity a thrilling 1 point win.

7th V

First game since March this year, Trinity came out firing, taking a strong early lead and didn’t stop until the final whistle, winning comprehensively by 28 points. Trinity shared the points around with Caiden C. (11St) scoring 12 points, while Dominic F. (11WJ) and Sebastian S. (11Du) contributed 5 points each. Highlight of the match was the attendance of Jude R. (11St) who was injured but came to support and inspire his teammates which was well received. An outstanding effort!

8th V

In a tight contest Trinity lost by a single point, which was tough to swallow, particularly after controlling and leading for most of the game. Although Trinity were short in numbers the seven players who showed up battled bravely in a terrific effort. The entire group contributed wholeheartedly with Jackson G. (10Fo) top scoring with 8 points, Joshua B. (10We) hustling well and Arthur H. (10Hi) doing a great job to put himself in position to win the game in the dying moments but unfortunately just missed.

Year 10A

Despite a double-digit loss, the 10As had a competitive battle against a skilful Waverley side. Trinity got out to an early 9 point lead due to the dominating performance of Trinity’s backcourt Ollie O. (Ho) and Brendan G. (Mu),who both used their defensive instincts and scoring ability to give the Green’s a sudden lead. As Waverley edged their way back and in front on the scoreboard, Jed M. (WJ) scored 12 straight points to keep Trinity on Waverley’s heels. Christian H. (He) used his athleticism excellently to generate key stops towards the end of the game however, there was too little time left for Trinity to take back the lead going down by 7 points.

Year 10B

Trinity put up a strong effort, however, they fell short to a talented Waverley side losing by 8 points. It was a competitive game from the tip off, where Ryan M. (Sc) provided crucial baskets early on to keep the Greens in the game. Matthew N. (Mu) provided a much-needed spark on both sides of the court towards to end of the first half. James C. (La) extended this momentum to the second half by playing superb defence, allowing Trinity to cut Waverley’s lead to just 5 points. However, Waverly proved just too strong on this occasion, taking the match.

Year 10C

It was a sobering loss to Waverley, giving Trinity much to consider at training. Nevertheless, the team still played well, and was within 10 points of their opponents towards the end of the first half. Caleb B. (St) drove hard to the basket several times to keep the flame alive, and Christian P. (La) maintained solid control of the ball even under significant pressure from taller defenders. Lawrence H. (Yo) kept calm and maintained solid defence at all times. Hopefully our rematch next term when CAS points are on the line will be a closer game!

Year 10D

In a tough loss for Trinity, which wasn’t a shock with so many key players away on Camp, Alfred H. (St) maintained high energy all game, running hard throughout. Oliver H. (Ke) maintained strong control of the ball at all times. Tim S. (Yo) drove competently to the basket several times, maintaining strong pressure on offence.

Year 10E

In their first game of the season, due to injuries and absences, the 10Es were undermanned. With that said, it rarely felt as if Trinity had a depleted team, due to the effort, grit and courage showed by the boys. For most of the game, George G. (We) was guarding in the full court, getting steals and being generally disruptive to Waverley’s offensive flow. Marcus T. (Sc) and Lachlan D. (Du) were physically dominant in the paint all game, forcing their way into the paint and providing us much needed baskets as fatigue kicked in. While Waverley pulled away in the last couple minutes, the game was otherwise close and very competitive due to the outstanding effort of the boys.

Year 10F

The 10Fs had a positive first game with their mix of quick and athletic guards and very capable bigs posed an insurmountable challenge for Waverley. Max M. (Fo), Luca R. (Mu) and Freddie R. (Mu) did a particularly good job of getting steals and pressuring Waverley in the full court. While the group took a little while to get the cobwebs out and understand how to play together, they were able to bring it all together when it counted. The game was somewhat close until the last couple of minutes before Jon M. (Ke) converted an impressive and-1 to seal the win.

Year 10G

Despite this being their first external game this season, the 10Gs played like a well-oiled machine, moving the basketball and exploiting every opportunity that presented itself. In the first half, nobody on the court was able to stop William T. (Ho) from getting to the basket, with William utilising a variety of skills to drive inside. At halftime Waverley made some adjustments and went on a run. Trinity refocused on our key points to the game and subsequently made a fantastic effort to limit Waverley’s second chance opportunities by improving our rebounding significantly. Particular credit to Marcus D. (Ke) on this improvement. Perhaps the standout performance of the game was Angelo S. (Sc) who hit a triple of ‘3s’ within the space of about ten minutes. This stellar shooting display allowed the Greens to pull away and win the game comfortably.

Year 9A 

It was an impressive performance to start the season, comfortably getting past Waverley by 16 points. Harrison L. (Ar) got the team off to a flying start scoring Trinity’s first 8 points of the game and ending with 18 for the match, which included two big 3s. New additions to the team Noah M. (Yo) and Callum P. (Hi) proved they belong. Noah showed excellent control while scoring 7 points, while Callum made some unbelievable passes and played smart defense throughout.

Year 9B 

Despite a 3 point loss to a talented Waverley side with a lot of height, Trinity can be proud of their efforts for their first trial game of the season. Taj W. (Ta) displayed a high level of intensity throughout the game at both ends and finished with a game high 10 points. Vasili A. (He) created several scoring opportunities by playing with relentless aggression with the ball in his hands while John M. (Ta) exhibited great leadership qualities with consistent communication ensuring the team played the right way.

Year 9C

The boys in Green had a solid outing in their first game going down by just 5 points. Stand-out performances from Adam T. (Ta) and Joshua F. (Sc) saw Trinity make a late run in the final five minutes only to fall short.

Year 9D

An overall excellent display from the 9Ds playing great defence the entire game and turning that into points every chance they could. Marcus K. (Ar) and Nass A. (Ho) showed great poise throughout the game as Trinity dominated to win by a large margin.

Year 9E

It was a hard-fought game that ended in a draw that easily could have been a win. Trinity started a bit slow, being tentative with the ball, and struggling to contain Waverley’s centre who was bigger than anyone on the Greens. Sam G. (Ke) was huge early, providing the initial scoring boost. Throughout the game Matthew B. (St) figured out how best to contain their big, with the help of his teammates. Jared K. (La) was unstoppable on his drives. Lincoln F. (Fo) overcame a shaky start to be a key defender in the final minutes. Finally, Benjamin K. (Ta) showed incredible poise, knocking down a short corner jumper in the final minute to put Trinity up by a point. He also was able to draw a shooting foul and sink a free-throw to seal a tie after an unfortunate turnover gave Waverley the lead.

Year 9F

In a great team win, which Trinity dominated from the tip, Luke N. (St), Isaac I. (Yo) and Jake M. (Ke) were the driving force. With the trio leading the Greens to a 12-0 lead in the first five minutes. Despite being up by a significant margin the boys continued to put in on the defensive end throughout the entirety of the game. Special mention must go to Lucas M. (Ke) for being disruptive to anything Waverley were trying to do.

Year 9G

It was excellent to see the team enthusiastic in their first game back against Waverley, scoring a victory by 22 points. The boys were victorious with Cohen K. (We) scoring multiple 3-pointers. Akash S. (Ar) played an integral role in the team after recently moving up. Jason T. (WJ) and Maxwell P. (Mu) moved well in defence to help secure the win.

Year 9H

The boys played a challenging game against a competitive team, which included a number of boys doubling up from the 9Gs for the trial. The end score showed the determination the boys had to succeed, losing by only 7 points. Christian C. (WJ) was a standout, often anticipating movements of the ball and opponents to create turnovers. Hadi S. (Mu), Gerald O. (Yo) and Declan T. (Mu) developed some great defensive tactics which will serve Trinity well in future matches.

Year 8A

In what was a thrilling game, Trinity were narrowly edged by 3 points. Despite the loss, the Greens teamwork offensively to move and share the ball resulted in all players contributing to the Greens 40 point tally. Malakai S. (We) and Cody R. (Ke) both had glimpses of dominance offensively as they each finished with double digit points, and this enabled Trinity to dictate the game for the most part. Bailey H. (He) displayed great poise offensively, while defensively his tenacious effort was unmatched.

Year 8B

In a game that went down to the wire, Trinity were able to prevail with a 1 point victory. Christian G. (WH) had an all-round superb game, as he used his height to influence shots on defence, while also managing to lead the 8B in scoring. This included what would be the game winning basket with less than three seconds remaining. David S. (Ta) and Matthew C. (Hi) both had a notably impressive game in defence, as they showed great positional awareness and secured a vast number of rebounds.


The Year 8Cs showed plenty of potential in an unfortunate 11 point loss. The scores were neck and neck through the first half, but some defensive lapses in the second allowed Waverley to pull away. Great cuts and driving layups from Zac T. (Ke), Ruben L. (WJ) and Dean C. (Mu) kept the boys’ hopes of a comeback alive, though there was not enough time to put together the run they needed. The team is looking forward to a rematch when the season commences next year.


A spirited second-half performance saw the Trinity storm back from a 9 point deficit only to ultimately fall short by 1 point. Austin W. (We) sparked the team’s resurgence, providing plenty of energy off the bench and grabbing several key rebounds. Equally instrumental in the comeback was Matthew N. (Sc) whose dominance in the paint earned him a game high 10 points. Aiman M. (We) also showed promise as a strong and savvy ball-handler.

Ben Morrissey | MIC Basketball

Results vs Waverley | Trials

Team Scores
1sts 57-65 L
2nds 22-43 L
3rds 48-36 W
4ths 44-36 W
5ths 44-37 W
6ths 37-36 W
7ths 44-16 W
8ths 28-29 L
10A 40-53 L
10B 39-47 L
10C 23-62 L
10D 13-59 L
10E 30-42 L
10F 38-31 L
10G 43-30 W
9A 51-35 W
9B 31-34 L
9C 28-33 L
9D 59-9 W
9E 41-41 D
9F 45-16 W
9G 41-19 W
9H 30-23 L
8A 40-43 L
8B 22-21 W
8C 15-26 L
8D 17-18 L

12 Wins, 14 Losses, 1 Draw

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