News from the Field Studies Centre

News from the Field Studies Centre

Encouragement is something that we all need from time to time. It can come in many forms and from many places. Our team at the Field Studies Centre are fantastic encouragers of the boys during their stay at the Woollamia Campus. From our amazing kitchen staff to the campus administration team; the teachers to the outdoor education staff; the boys are encouraged at every step of their journey. What never ceases to amaze me, though, is the encouragement that the boys provide one another. The friendships that have been established prior to the FSP are always a great starting point. However, it is the relationships that emerge through the shared experience of being away from home that are unique and often unexpected. As the boys negotiated the waves on Narrawallee beach during the learn to surf activity earlier this week, there was hooting and hollering heard as they celebrated each of their peers getting to their feet on a surfboard, whether it was for the first, or fiftieth time.  There is absolutely no doubt that encouragement abounds during the boys’ time on the FSP.

The boys have negotiated soggy off-track terrain, navigated the impressive walking circuit at Abraham’s Bosom reserve, and skirted the edge of the beautiful Jervis Bay during their hike-based expeditions this week. They have also become very proficient at cooking their meals on the camp ovens. This method involves a team of students organising the ingredients, while another group of students prepares a campfire that will provide enough heat to ensure that the group’s dinner is cooked to perfection. On expeditions the students cook in groups on small Trangia stoves, but being based at their dedicated FSC campsite during this programme, the boys have been able to employ the traditional method of bush cooking more regularly. The FSC tutors have reported that the boys are in a good rhythm now on camp out nights, and are taking initiative to ensure all the group tasks are completed efficiently.

The final week of the programme will see the boys engaged in elective activities focused on marine activities, mountain biking, or rock climbing. The skill building stages in each of the three focus areas helps each student develop new skills and build confidence. The element of choice is appreciated by the boys at this late stage of the programme and they enjoy challenging themselves to improve and learn more about their chosen activity. The team-focussed Woollamia Olympics is paired with a personal values journey and reflective activities over the last two days on programme. Each student is encouraged to consider what they have achieved, both as an individual and collectively, what they have given to others during their stay, and what they will take away from this key Middle School learning experience at Trinity.

Tim Knowles | Head of the Field Studies Centre (FSC)

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